Most winter weddings are not fair weather focused and so this removes a huge amount of stress and worry... will the sun shine or will it rain plus the cost of having a Plan B wet weather alternative if you are trying to get married outside. Winter weddings are not planned around an expectation of fair or good weather, quite the contrary. They are almost always indoors so you can ditch the weather worry and not have to plan for your guests getting wet or becoming too hot or too cold.

Winter can have a unique atmosphere which makes for some stunning photo opportunities particularly if you are getting married in a location with a dramatic landscape or building.

Providing you avoid the pinch points of Christmas and New Year, winter weddings can be a lot cheaper especially in terms of accommodation for your guests and particularly if you are getting married abroad – choose a location that is warm and sunny and plan to marry in November, it will cost you and your guests a lot less than the same wedding during the peak holiday season.

Popular venues are often fully booked for weddings two or three years in advance in the months between May and September, that can mean a significant wait if you have set your heart on a particular place. A winter wedding will offer a lot more availability on dates and means you can marry sooner and probably more cheaply.

If you choose a wedding date in the Christmas season then you may find that much of the external decoration of the venue has already been done and doesn’t need to form part of your budget.

Still forming part of winter, St Valentine’s Day is the perfect choice for brides who really want to go all out with love and hearts

If you want a really formal wedding with black tie and ballgowns then a winter wedding is a much better option than the summer equivalent, it means you don’t have to have an evening reception either to get that special look.

If you choose your date carefully then you should find that the majority of your guests can attend which isn’t always the case in the summer – there are always at least a couple of key guests away on holiday!.