Chris Mann Photography

I've been a full-time professional photographer since 2003 - and photographing weddings and other family events is still what I like to do best.

For me it's all about capturing important moments and making my clients look good in photos. To do that I use both available light and flash, whatever works best for the situation.

I've photographed weddings in many different locations, from Mexico, the USA, and the Caribbean to Europe and the Middle East, and of course all over the UK. I envoy travel so if you're planning a destination wedding let's talk!

Since 2003 I've also photographed weddings of many different faiths, in all kinds of styles from quite formal to very relaxed, and at venues ranging from big London hotels to a small Caribbean beach with just the couple and a minister.

While weddings all share a basic pattern, each one has its own individual features reflecting the personalities of the couple, and I love capturing that uniqueness.