Steve Mulvey Photography

It’s not about cheesy forced posed shots. I simply help couples choose the right spot, and ask them to share a natural moment. I may ask them to remember something romantic or play a game which shows in the body language and makes the portrait represent them perfectly. Yes a tiny bit of direction, but its mostly you!

Hi I'm Steve and I spend 90% of a wedding shoot capturing natural candid moments as they unfold on your wedding day. The other 10% the portrait sessions.

I do interact with guests to make them feel comfortable around me and the camera and also so I can get to know who is going to make a moment happen so I can be there to capture it. It makes the final gallery of photos extra special.

However, I won’t tell anyone to ‘smile at the camera’ because this is not a school photo… THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. It will be emotional, surreal, stressful, amazing, and something you will want to remember forever. So if you’re looking for a photographer who will deliver a gallery of very staged photos, I won’t be the photographer for you!

However, if you are looking for a photographer who will:
??tell the story of your wedding day in pictures; from the first moments nervously getting ready, to your first kiss as a married couple, to everyone (including me) throwing shapes on the dance floor.
??capture the raw emotional moments;
??allow you and your guests to just be yourselves and have an amazing time;
??put you first to make sure you enjoy your day to the full (I’m like an undercover bridesmaid behind the scenes) and not about ordering you around and constantly asking you to look at me

…Then I’m for you! Send me a message and tell me about your wedding plans and ideas! Then we can work out a shoot plan that maximises the photo opportunities and keeps you celebrating as much as possible.