Weddings in Alaska - everything you need for your Alaska wedding

About Weddings in Alaska

If you’re drawn to natural drama, you can stop your search - Alaska can contribute some of the most sensational views in the entire world to your wedding day.

Alaska is renowned across the globe for its vast mountains, and the stunning drama that they can bring. Almost nowhere else on earth has such tranquil, awe-inspiring natural scenes.

Alongside its snow-capped mountains, Alaska’s natural terrain also has an abundance of dense forests, sheer glaciers and crystal blue lakes. Visitors can completely lose themselves in these magnificent examples of Mother Nature’s power.

Alaska is America’s largest state by a considerable margin. In fact, it’s actually bigger than Texas, California and Montana (the 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest states) combined.

The vast majority of this area is made up of raw natural landscapes - Alaska is actually the 3rd least-populous state, so you can only imagine how much there is to explore!

Alaska’s mountains are the envy of the rest of America’s states. Did you know that 17 out of America’s 20 highest mountain peaks are all in Alaska?

Take a trip to Denali National Park & Preserve, and you can gaze up at America’s highest peak, Denali mountain, in complete wonder.

Visitors can also trek, hike and kayak along the famous Yukon River, or Lake Iliamna, America’s largest lake.

From August through to April, you can even experience nature’s ultimate mystical beauty, and chase the aurora as it lights up the night sky in Fairbanks.

We could go on and on - as you can see, if you envision an unforgettable natural wedding for your big day, Alaska will turn your dream into a reality, and then some.