Weddings in Arizona - everything you need for your Arizona wedding

About Weddings in Arizona

Arizona makes a magnificent wedding destination for a multitude of reasons. It has beauty and drama in spades. But, there’s one natural wonder that sets it apart from anywhere else in the country. Indeed, anywhere else in the world.

Can you imagine having your wedding at the Grand Canyon?

With its sheer drops, rich orange colour and iconic, panoramic views the Grand Canyon National Park has become a must-visit location for people all over the world. So, as you can imagine, it’s a highly popular wedding destination.

Couples can stand at their chosen viewpoint, and gaze out across the awe-inspiring landscape, using one of Mother Nature’s finest sights to frame their big day.

When planning a Grand Canyon wedding, it is key that you select your viewpoint of choice. The most famous of these include the Lookout Studio of the architect Mary Colters, Mary’s Desert View Watchtower, Yavapai Observation Station, and Mather Point. Or, you could go rogue and find a secluded spot, away from the other tourists, which excites you both.

One of the most popular sights at the Grand Canyon is Lipan Point. This particular spot boasts a stunning, wide view of both the Grand Canyon and Arizona’s Colorado River snaking through it. Little insider’s tip for you - if you head there just as the sun is setting, you’ll see a view that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Arizona’s natural beauty doesn’t stop there, though. Outside of its Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona is known for its desert landscape, dotted with cacti and offering exceptional views of the sky, totally unspoilt by light pollution. Visit at night, and you’ll be amazed by how much more brightly the stars shine in a place like this.

It may be simple, but who can doubt the beauty of an Arizona desert wedding?