Weddings in Arkansas - everything you need for your Arkansas wedding

About Weddings in Arkansas

There’s a good reason why Arkansas has the nickname ‘The Natural State’.

If you’re writing up an Arkansas bucket list for your wedding trip, you’ll need to start the state’s natural wonders. Arkansas is renowned for its vast spaces of untouched wilderness, which span parks, caves, hot springs, rivers and mountains. Perfect for an elopement up a mountain or a more traditional wedding with a wild touch.

In the Ozarks region, you can tour rugged terrain, hike through magnificent trails and make your way through the area’s dramatic limestone caves, including the famous Blanchard Springs Caverns. Trust us when we say that these are no ordinary caves - they give you the ultimate sense of the power of Mother Nature.

During a trip to Ozark, you’ve got to check out the Eureka Springs mountain town. This town may be quaint, but it is by no means rustic. It offers a wonderful slice of rural glamour, with beautifully preserved architecture. With its numerous galleries and museums, fine dining hot spots, impressive shops and luxurious spas, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice. No matter the style of wedding you're after, you'll find something to suit!

After a bit of R&R, you can ascend to Ozark’s Greers Ferry Lake - a magnificent body of water, located in the Ozark Mountains. You could fish, go boating, play some water sports, or simply gaze out across its mesmerising clear waters.

Outside of the Ozark region, Arkansas has a long list of exceptional state parks. The most popular of these include the Lake Dardanelle State Park, the Lake Fort Smith State Park, the Mammoth Spring State Park, and the Mount Magazine State Park, just to name a few.

Other unmissable sites include the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad, or take a drive through the Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway, (what better ways to view the state’s iconic landscape?).