Distinctive Carriage

Located in Thousand Oaks in southern Ventura County, we're a niche wedding/special event transportation company. We currently have a spectacular, highly customized white London Taxi, and another beautiful one that will debut by the end of 2022. All our vehicles have air conditioning and Rolls-Royce-like interiors with a LOT of passenger space. Brides with large dresses go nuts over these taxis because of their spaciousness! Despite the vehicles being "classics," they're solid runners and handle the freeways of SoCal like champs. For this reason, our operating area is fairly expansive; Santa Barbara is a favorite location, and the other direction, we've done weddings as far as Palos Verdes. There's no reason we couldn't go further north or south.

I'm the owner and will be your driver. I got into the business because I've had a soft spot in my heart for years for London Taxis. Originally I had one as my indulgence car, but seeing the smiles it brought to so many faces, I started thinking about how to turn it into a small business. A light bulb went off one day about using it for weddings and special events; a few years later, I started the business with two taxis, both customized, elegant, distinctive and FUN. With rather limited exposure to begin with, I ended up doing 18 weddings in my first year, and the volume has grown steadily since then (except during the pandemic when the wedding industry kind of took a nose dive). I have fantastic mechanics who keep the cars in tip-top shape to make sure they're ready to go at a moment's notice.