Weddings in Hawaii - everything you need for your Hawaii wedding

About Weddings in Hawaii

When Mother Nature has this much beauty to offer, who needs a city?

If you and your partner are all about tranquility, Hawaii could not be a better fit.

This stunning island state is renowned for its understated elegance, lush green hills and crystal clear, dazzling blue oceans. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful wedding destination.

In fact, why stop at one beach? You can hire a boat, or take a river cruise, and hop between Hawaii’s most spectacular beaches. Top tip - if you tour the beaches at sunset, you’ll see the world-renowned landscape take on a whole new magnificence.

The most popular natural wedding spots in Hawaii include the Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens on the island of Kauai, Puakea Ranch on The Big Island’s Kohala Coast, and the Kukahiko Estate, located in Makena, Maui.

Struggling to pick? You wouldn’t be alone - more than 20,000 couples tie the knot in Hawaii every single year.

As much as we love the hustle and bustle of the cities, there’s something about this scenery that really takes your breath away. There’s no prizes for guessing why it’s stolen the hearts of so many young couples.

Once you’ve sufficiently explored the natural landscape, with plenty of long leisurely strolls in the golden sunshine, the city of Honolulu is another must-see during your wedding trip.

Hawaii’s capital city is renowned for its dynamic energy and buzzy atmosphere. Take a trip to the Waikiki neighborhood, and enjoy a lively nightlife, cocktail bars by the water, exceptional food, and a long stretch of designer fashion brands.