Weddings in Idaho - everything you need for your Idaho wedding

About Weddings in Idaho

For so many couples, the natural world completely captures their imagination. Using the great outdoors as a backdrop to your ceremony is at once elegant and understated, timeless and completely unforgettable.

If this vision sounds like it’s got your name on it, Idaho is the perfect place to start your venue search.

Idaho is renowned for its abundance of mountainous landscapes. This rugged and dramatic natural terrain is also surrounded by huge stretches of wilderness (more than 4 million acres of it, would you believe). It doesn’t get much more majestic than this.

Perched right on the foothills of the famous Rocky Mountain, you can find Idaho’s capital city, Boise. This dream-like city is positioned right at the heart of all this natural wonder. When you’ve had your fill of the great outdoors, you can visit some of the city’s galleries and museums.

There’s the Idaho State Museum and the Boise Art Museum (which showcases the art of James Castle, one of Idaho’s most famous artistic talents). Or, if it’s modern art that really fascinates you, pay a visit to Freak Alley, which is the largest multi-artist outdoor mural gallery in the Northwest. In fact, the mural first started in 2002, when one man created a painting on a door in the alleyway. Now, the entire alley is filled with colour, exhibiting the alternative artwork of local talent from 7-35 years old.

Then, if you really want to surprise your guests, take a trip to the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Here, you can explore the prison that held some of the most notorious criminals in the entirety of America’s West. Spooky.

Idaho is often referred to as the gem of the Northwest and - with a bit of delving into its art, culture and natural beauty - we don’t need any further convincing.