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About Weddings in Iowa

If you’re looking for quaint countryside charm, complete with golden cornfields and long, open plains, head to Iowa.

This Midwestern state is renowned for its natural beauty, which embodies everything that you’d hope to see in rural America.

The Effigy Mounds National Monument is one of Iowa’s most popular natural attractions. Within it, you can explore over 200 prehistoric sculptures and mounts, which were created by the Native Americans that lived there. Immerse yourself in this unique insight into the people of the Woodland Culture.

If you’re a couple of keen adventurers, you’d be mad to miss out on a trip to Iowa’s Pikes Peak State Park. This stunning natural landscape (encompassing almost a thousand acres) contains endless hiking opportunities. If you’re feeling energetic enough, ascend to the park’s 500-foot bluff, for magnificent views of the Mississippi River.

This scenery is made even more breathtaking by the knowledge that it has been largely unchanged for thousands of years. In fact, it looks almost exactly as it would have to the first settlers to the area, and even before their time.

Alternatively, you could quite easily make your tour of the state centered upon its many wineries. Iowa is home to numerous wineries and breweries, including vast stretches of lush vineyards, highly reminiscent of the South of France.

For instance, the Ackerman Winery is Iowa’s oldest operating winery. It has been open for almost 70 years, providing internationally-renowned exotic wines - receiving particular acclaim for its bold fruity flavours, with tasting notes including everything from mango to rhubarb.

Take a tour of the grounds, or book a tasting session with your other half, before exploring the History of Winemaking exhibit. It’s the perfect, romantic addition to your honeymoon itinerary.