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About Weddings in Kansas

This midwestern state possesses an exciting blend of vast, beautiful natural landscapes, with thriving cities and an artistic community that is a real one of a kind.

In terms of Kansas’ natural spectacles, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve sits right at the top of our list. This United States National Preserve is recognised as a landscape of national importance, as a tallgrass prairie ecosystem, which (in its prime) spanned an area of 400,000 miles. Although it may not be as vast as it was in its heyday, the preserve is filled with long expanses of lush, rolling green hills, and a rare tranquility which makes you feel worlds away from the city.

The preserve even has a traditional white stone school house, which lends itself to the perfect, quaint and utterly charming wedding style.

Back to reality, and after your tour of Kansas’ rural splendour, you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for your visit to its cities.

Wichita is one of the most famous cities in Kansas, and tourists to the state delight in the chance to sample some classic Midwest style.

One of the icons of Wichita is the Keeper of the Plains. This magnificent steel statue is shaped as a traditional Native American figure, standing 44 feet tall, at the point of convergence between the Big and Little Arkansas rivers. It sits on this sacred land, proudly guarding the waters. If you get the chance, be sure to stop by the statue in the evening, when the sun has set and the figure is lit up by the Ring of Fire beneath.