Weddings in Louisiana - everything you need for your Louisiana wedding

About Weddings in Louisiana

Do you and your other half make an outdoorsy, athletic duo? If you’re life’s get-up-and-go types, a Louisiana wedding has got your name on it.

It’s no coincidence that the state has been nicknamed the ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’. Louisiana is renowned for its world-class outdoor recreation, including golf, fishing, hunting, hiking, sailing - you name it. There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate your favourite athletic pursuit into your wedding day... how about an elopement up a mountain or a small intimate ceremony on a sailboat?

The state is home to a number of magnificent State Parks, with many rare species of birds flocking to the region’s natural coastal wetlands. Visitors can embark on one of Louisiana’s birding trails, to really get into the heart of this remarkable landscape.

There’s so much beauty to behold along the banks of the Mississippi River. The region’s river parishes cover a vast area - from Baton Rouge all the way through to New Orleans. Along the river’s winding route, you can immerse yourself in the swamps (not literally!), try your hand at catfishing on the waters of Lac des Allmands, or step back in time at the region’s former plantation estates. If you're looking for a plantation wedding venue, then Louisiana is a great option.

These estates offer a unique insight into America’s history. The most famous of these plantation estates include the Oak Alley Plantation and the 1811/Kid Ory Historic House, which is the place where we can trace the first days of jazz.

Today, Louisiana has a rich, dynamic cultural scene, influenced by its roots in African, French and French-Canadian history. The region’s Creole and Cajun style is best seen during one of New Orlean’s show-stopping events. Lose yourself in one of the city’s soulful jazz events, or, for a party you’ll never forget, be a part of the iconic Mardi Gras festivities.