Weddings in New Hampshire - everything you need for your New Hampshire wedding

About Weddings in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is renowned for being one of America’s most picture-perfect states. Thrill-seekers can enjoy camping, zip-lining and kayaking, while the slightly less adventurous can still enjoy a scenic drive that boasts unimaginable beauty.

In fact, New Hampshire is one of just five U.S. states in which park land constitutes over 4% of the state’s entire land area. In New Hampshire, this figure includes trails, magnificent forests, beaches, parks and even mountains.

It is this vast expanse of dramatic rural land which is one of New Hampshire’s defining features. You can hop on one of New Hampshire’s famous trains and watch the forests roll by, or travel in the evening and gaze up at dramatic starry night skies.

Dotted in between sites of stunning natural beauty, visitors can see charming traditional towns, which transport you to a whole other way of life.

In the northern parts of the state, the White Mountain National Forest stands proud. Here, you can find the famous Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the region. In this awe-inspiring location, visitors can trek the Appalachian Trail, keep an eye out for moose or black bears, and use the Cog Railway to travel up to the mountain’s summit (which is 6,288 feet high!).

Or, if you’re feeling tough enough, you could visit Mount Monadnock, which is famous for being one of the most-climbed mountains in the world.

We’ve focused (understandably) on the natural sights to see in New Hampshire, but the state also boasts a wide array of sights to attract history-lovers.

There are a number of fantastic art galleries or, in the traditional New Hampshire town of Strawberry Banke, time it right and you can watch live historical reenactments take place across 32 historic buildings.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never struggle to make your New Hampshire wedding memorable.