Weddings in North Dakota - everything you need for your North Dakota wedding

About Weddings in North Dakota

The great plains of North Dakota really are a sight to see. The vast, rugged terrain looks as though it's been left totally untouched for generations. There’s something remarkably romantic about that.

We adore an outdoor wedding, and North Dakota’s wealth of rural splendour leaves us spoilt for choice. A rustic barn wedding or a boho occasion in an unspoilt patch of greenery makes a stunning ceremony location.

Or, if you want to achieve that balance between charm and glamour, North Dakota is home to numerous beautifully stylish venues, which have used the landscape on their doorstep to create a quintessentially Midwest aesthetic.

Our top picks for rural North Dakota wedding venues include the Lake Elsie Wedding Barn, 1908 House, The Pines Wedding & Events Venue, the Sheyenne Riverbend Farm, and Naastad Acres (just to name a handful).

If you’re ready for an adventure, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is an absolute must-see. The great park sits to the west of the state, and it is split into 3 sections, which are all united by the path of the Little Missouri River.

On your journey through the park, be sure to see the Painted Canyon (named so for its mesmerising multi-coloured bands) and tour the dramatic Scenic Loop Drive (which is, as you can imagine, filled with loops and views). Also, if you and your other half are history enthusiasts, then you can tour the park’s links to the former president, and even stop by at the former home of President Roosevelt, Maltese Cross Cabin.