Weddings in Oklahoma - everything you need for your Oklahoma wedding

About Weddings in Oklahoma

On our search for America’s most beautiful and most unique wedding destinations, Oklahoma made a firm addition to our list. But, not necessarily for the reasons that you might expect…

Did you know that the state’s Osage County is home to one of our last patches of the iconic American prairie?

The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is a magnificent natural wonder, which provides a snapshot of what America would have looked like for thousands of years. Within this protected area roam numerous native species, including bison and large flocks of birds, all situated in a vast body of grassland.

It’s a scene that captures the imagination and takes your breath away.

Visitors can tie the knot at the preserve’s charming little Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse. With its dramatic, extensive views across the grassland, although you may not have considered it as a ceremony destination before, you sure will now.

Now, at this point, we could move on from Oklahoma’s natural sights, but we’d be mad to miss this world-renowned trial.

Route 66 is known across the world as the drive of a lifetime. And, the longest stretch of the journey is situated in Oklahoma. The route’s unparalleled scenery have earned it the nickname of the ‘Mother Road’, and it's easy to see why.

The views along this drive are spectacular, and it gives you the chance to see some of the state’s most famous sights, all in one go. The road passes through both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and takes you to a wide range of unique attractions, including everything from Clinton’s Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, to the slightly bizarre Blue Whale of Catoosa.

If you’re planning an adventurous wedding, or a romantic elopement with your sweetheart, a Route 66 wedding would seriously take some beating.