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About Weddings in Oregon

Oregon is a state renowned for its diversity. In everything from its terrain to the wealth and variety of its cultural scene, Oregon has an abundance of sights to see, explore and take delight in.

The youthful energy of the state (particularly from its largest city Portland) is coupled with a rich natural landscape, to provide youthful, adventurous couples with everything that they could wish for.

Oregon’s ‘Rose City’ is full of magical twists and turns. Its famously vibrant Waterfront attracts tourists from all over the country. Visitors can even delight in seeing delicate cherry blossoms and mesmerising dragon boats during the city’s annual Portland Dragon Boat Festival.

At other times of the year, there’s the aerial tram, which you can take to see the skyline from above, take a stroll through the Portland Japanese Garden, learn more about the city’s history at the Pittock Mansion, or visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden, a garden built by Suzhou artisans to represent the style of the Ming Dynasty.

It’s this innovative, dynamic creative spirit that is infused through the city, and indeed, the state itself.

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, Oregon’s natural landscapes are just as unique. Across the state, the terrain is dotted with lakes, rivers, forests, lush green hills, farms, volcanoes, deserts and vast shrublands.

The surrounding natural beauty is probably what gives the locals such a zest for life.

See what Oregon’s natural landscape has to offer by following one of it’s famous tour routes.

You could take the Vineyard and Valley Tour route, exploring the state’s culinary delights on one of its food trails, or gazing out across the sea during the breathtaking Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.