Weddings in Pennsylvania - everything you need for your Pennsylvania wedding

About Weddings in Pennsylvania

If you want to give the rich history of America a place in your wedding day, Pennsylvania is the destination to choose.

This Mid-Atlantic state is a historian’s dream. Even during a leisurely stroll through Gettysburg National Military Park, visitors are left in awe by the role that this beautiful, natural spot had in the nation’s history.

Another powerful example of Pennsylvania’s links to national history lies in the Independence National Historical Park and the Liberty Bell. This beautiful park was home to one of the defining moments in American history. It was here that the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the American Constitution first started to take shape.

These beautiful, historic settings make a wonderful location for a classic wedding. Independence Park’s lush green trees and cobblestone pavements, dotted with original buildings, would provide a charming backdrop to your ceremony.

At the opposite end of the design spectrum, Fallingwater is a sensational piece of modern architecture, which embodies Frank Lloyd Wright’s exceptional eye for decor. This awe-inspiring structure brings the sharp lines of modern decor into a rich green forest, in a way which uses one to enhance the beauty of the other.

If you hold a passion for decor and artistry, The Barn at Fallingwater is a one of a kind wedding venue, which will make your special day utterly unforgettable.

Or, if you’re more excited by sea than land, Pennsylvania’s 100 + miles of coastline can tick that box for you. With the greenery framing the horizon, these beaches feel like your own little tropical paradise. There’s Milford beach, Presque Isle State Park, or the famous Lake Erie. All of the above feature crystal blue waves, golden sands, and a picture-perfect natural venue.