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Seattle is a dynamic and futuristic city, which sits the historic and the new, the industrial and the natural alongside each other, in one big melting pot of culture.

This Pacific Northwest city is surrounded by natural beauty in all its forms. You can see water and mountains, dense forests and parkland spanning thousands of acres.

Seattle’s distinctive natural beauty is largely thanks to the two surrounding mountain ranges. On the east sit the Cascade Mountains, and to the west of the city, you’ll see the Olympic Mountains. If you visit on a clear day, you’ll be able to see both of these dramatic views from within Seattle itself.

In fact, the Olympic Peninsula road trip itinerary is a popular tourist trail, which really showcases Seattle’s natural wonders.

It’s the largest city in Washington State, and the Emerald City is renowned for beauty and innovation in equal measures.

Visitors are left in awe by the extent of Seattle’s presence on the international business stage. It was here that some of the world’s most famous companies were born, including the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks (just to give you an idea).

I mean, you can see that there was plenty here to inspire them.

The modern skyrises and busy city district is pinpointed by its iconic landmark - the Space Needle. As a symbol of modernity rising from the city’s heart, the Space Needle speaks to Seattle’s remarkable reputation for innovation.

Amazingly, the Space Needle was initially thought up as a drawing on a cocktail napkin. It was in this quick drawing that Edward Carlson had his first idea for the building that embodied the 1962 World’s Fair.

From the spirit of modernity to the city’s natural beauty, Seattle is never short of sights to impress.

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