Weddings in South Dakota - everything you need for your South Dakota wedding

About Weddings in South Dakota

With its dramatic rocky terrain and wealth of National Parks, South Dakota possesses extraordinary natural beauty, and some of the most iconic landmarks that America has to offer.

We couldn’t possibly write a tourist’s guide to South Dakota without including Mount Rushmore. This iconic carving features the likeness of four of the most famous figures to shape American history - Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson - in granite, 60 feet high.

If you and your other half are big history lovers, what better landmark to frame your wedding photography?

Outside of the beaten path, South Dakota has some stunning national parks, forests and monuments, each featuring the state’s characteristic rocky landscape. These include the awe-inspiring Black Hills National Forest, the Jewel Cave National Monument (which is the third longest cave in the world), the Wind Cave National Park (the world’s most dense cave system), and Custer State Park.

While all of the above offer incredible natural spectacles, Custer State Park is the very embodiment of U.S. rural splendour. Within the park’s 70,000+ acres of dynamic terrain, you can find crystal blue lakes, lush prairie grasslands, and cliff faces dotted with trees.

If it’s a rural Midwest chic wedding that you’re after, South Dakota has a wealth of picture perfect venues. Our top picks would have to include the Feathers at the Ranch, the Muley Hill Lodge, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, and the Round Lake Vineyards. Each of these South Dakota venues offers a unique charm, and a luxurious take on boho aesthetic.