Here’s Wedding to Marriage’s idea of a kick-ass wedding ceremony: One that nobody could have but you.
That happens when your officiant takes the time and makes an effort to get to know you. Really know you. For twenty years, Vicky Jones of Wedding to Marriage has been officiating joyful wedding ceremonies undergirded by practical premarital counseling. Wedding ceremonies thoughtfully crafted to reflect a couple's shared values and celebrate their collective hopes. Engagement education that helps couples so they can navigate the challenges that life will inevitably throw at them and build a marriage that thrives through the years.

Wedding to Marriage is LGBTQ-affirming and stands for love and celebrate every couple that seriously decides to commit their future to their mutual happiness. Vicky Jones feels honored by the diversity of the couples who have chosen to work with her. Too long to list, and the list keeps growing. (The Supreme Court's marriage equality decision was passed on her birthday in 2015!)