Weddings in Wyoming - everything you need for your Wyoming wedding

About Weddings in Wyoming

A visit to Wyoming feels like a step taken into another world, where awe-inspiring natural wonders can be found everywhere you look.

Across Wyoming, there are natural hotspots that are renowned the world over. These include the vast Grand Teton National Park. This magnificent landscape is a dream destination for hiking enthusiasts and it is here that the Teton Range, a particularly impressive section of the Rocky Mountains, can be found.

There’s also the world-famous Yellowstone National Park; a rural paradise that is almost entirely located in Wyoming. Here, you can gaze out across vast canyons, rivers and forests, in a sensational example of the power of Mother Nature.

Other Wyoming natural landmarks include the Devils Tower national monument, a colossal geological landmark, which can be seen for miles around. Or, you could tour one of the state’s dramatic geysers. There’s the Old Faithful geyser (which is known to erupt on cue, much to the delight of visitors), or the Grand Prismatic Spring, a hot spring, lake and volcano, with dazzling, other-worldly colours.

You could even treat your guests to a luxurious Winter getaway, courtesy of the Jackson Hole mountain resort.

With its long stretches of open rural roads, Wyoming is also a popular road trip destination - you’ll never be short of sights to see en route.

As you can imagine, a state renowned for such beauty makes a highly sought-after wedding location. As a result, Wyoming is home to a number of absolutely sensational wedding venues.

These include The Knot Diamond Cross Ranch, the Brush Creek Ranch, Cheyenne’s Little America Hotel and Resort, and The Golf Club at Devils Tower in Hulett. Each of these venues offers couples the chance to experience a sophisticated take on Old West glamour, in luxurious yet characterful venues, with 360-degree panoramic views across Wyoming’s magnificent natural landscape.