If you have fallen for the new Veluz ready to wear line like we have - then you should know there are three exclusive Veluz gowns only carried at Ever After Bridal. The only authorized U.S. representative for the incredible Philippine designer Veluz Reyes, Ever After Bridal, also is the single one worldwide to carry the new Prescilla, Victoria and Candice gowns from the 2016 collection. Known for exquisite details, stunning beadwork and unique designs, Veluz Reyes makes each design a statement piece. The new collection embodies everything that the Veluz brand represents. Intricate beadwork, stunning silhouettes and beautiful bodices all dripping in Swarovski crystals. Just as breathtaking as the front of the gown, the illusion backs actually can steal the show - making every viewpoint completely divine.

The only thing that is as unique as Veluz designs is the story behind Ever After Bridal's journey in becoming her official U.S. representative. Ever since Jen Weller was a little girl, she dreamed about her wedding day. She also dreamed of her wedding dress. When it was finally time for her to start the process of finding her dream gown, she took to inspiration boards in search of something a little edgy, very elegant and extremely unique. That search led her to the perfect wedding gown which happened to come from the Philippines. After reaching out to Veluz, herself, and conducting Skype fittings online, Jen's "made to measure, ready to wear" gown arrived a month before her wedding, fitting her like a glove right out of the box. She was instantly in love with not only her own Veluz gown, but the entire process and all the amazing designs. She felt like a celebrity on her wedding day. People endlessly commented on how different and marvelous her gown was. Once pictures of her wedding hit the internet, her Veluz gown became viral overnight, flooding social media and creating quite a buzz among other brides-to-be.

Jen knew then that she needed to make being a Veluz bride more accessible to all U.S. brides. She approached Veluz with the idea of becoming her official U.S. representative. Veluz loved the idea and Ever After Bridal was born. Almost two years later, Ever After Bridal is the only place in the U.S. where brides can obtain a Veluz Reyes RTW gown. Not only do they have a private studio in New York, but we also ship gowns to brides all over the country for them to try on in their own homes. Ever After Bridal is dedicated to helping all U.S. brides feel exactly how Jen felt on her wedding day. Magical and completely magnificent.

Soft light and an ethereal atmosphere helped to showcase the three exclusive gowns in a styled shoot oozing with romance and grace that the gowns themselves exude. Undeniably Veluz's best collection yet, Ever After Bridal is happy to share the unique and extremely elegant Veluz Reyes 2016 Ready To Wear collection.