Wedding Planning Help & Advice

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
Thinking of a petrol station box of chocolates and a takeaway? Absolutely not! You may not be stuck in the honeymoon phase anymore, but that certainly doesn’t mean you’ve left the romance behind.
20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
There’s no excuse for neglecting the celebrations, especially not when it’s been a whole 20 years!
25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
A quarter of a century together… It's no small achievement!
30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
Across three decades, you’ll have shared countless memories, laughs, days out and evenings in together. Just think of everything that you’ve achieved together.
40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
Without a doubt, we’re firm advocates of celebrating anniversaries every single year - no forgetting, no excuses. But, when it gets to a major milestone like this, the celebrations definitely need to go up a notch.
50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
Can you believe it? Half a century together! It’s an exceptional achievement, and a true testament to the strength of your love.
60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas & Inspiration
There’s not many couples in the world that can boast this claim - a whole 60 years together! That’s a pretty monumental achievement.
Can You Negotiate With Wedding Venues?
If you’re wondering if you can negotiate with wedding venues, the simple answer is: Yes. There are lots of factors to consider and some creative ways you can negotiate so that everybody wins!
Choosing Seasonal Wedding Flowers to Suit Your Theme
Choosing a one-of-a-kind seasonal floral theme can be a magnificent way to make a beautiful impression on your guests and create memories to last a lifetime.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 10th Wedding Anniversary
Huge congratulations on hitting the decade milestone! An entire decade of happy memories, shared achievements and fun-filled moments - it’s pretty amazing, when you think about it.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 1st Wedding Anniversary
Although it may not be as big or grand as the 40th, 50th or 60th, your first wedding anniversary is just as special, in its own way. After all, it’s the first of many anniversary celebrations. So we say, start as you mean to go on!
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary
The honeymoon period of newlyweds may have died down, but this is an equally wonderful year for married life.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary
Now, your wedding anniversary has rolled around again - for the third time, can you believe it?! - and it’s a wonderful opportunity to look back at everything you’ve achieved together.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 4th Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations on your 4th year of married life! 1460 days after you said ‘I do’ (yep, we did the math) - that’s definitely a cause for celebration!
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 5th Wedding Anniversary
Although it’s still early (in the grand scheme of things), it’s your first major milestone of married life, so it’s definitely a cause for celebration.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 6th Wedding Anniversary
To help you make your sixth wedding anniversary a day to remember, our experts have shared their top tips for choosing anniversary gifts. These include traditional gift ideas, advice for choosing gifts based on the modern theme, and a whistle-stop tour of the history surrounding these themes.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 7th Wedding Anniversary
After 7 years together, it won’t be all breakfast in bed and back massages. Not to say that there’s any excuse not to celebrate an anniversary, though…
Gift Ideas and Traditions for a 9th Wedding Anniversary
Even if you’re saving your pennies for next year, or you’re both tempted to just make it a cosy night in, there’s still ways that you can mark the occasion as a special one.
Gift Ideas and Traditions for an 8th Wedding Anniversary
Don’t even think about letting your anniversary go un-celebrated. This day is your chance to celebrate everything that you’ve done together since you said ‘I do’.
Guide to Getting Fit for Your Wedding
Getting fit for your wedding day is not just about your physical shape although clearly every bride, groom and bridesmaid wants to look their best, it is also about your emotional and psychological wellbeing in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself.
Handfasting ceremonies
Handfasting ceremonies are growing in popularity at modern weddings but handfasting is not a modern invention, rather it has its roots in ancient folklore.
How to Choose Suppliers for Your Wedding
Not sure where to even begin when you choose suppliers for your wedding? We’re here to give you all the details…
How to feel calm and relaxed on your wedding day
Ensuring a bride feels calm and relaxed on their wedding day actually starts at the planning stage so as far back as when you choose the date and are selecting the venue.
How to Get Your Guests to RSVP on Time for Your Wedding
If there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that lots of guests will forget to RSVP on time. If you want to get your guests to RSVP on time for your wedding (and why wouldn’t you?), these five steps will help!
How to have the ultimate Christmas wedding
Planning a Christmas wedding? We have some things to consider and tips to help you have the ultimate Christmas wedding!
How to Personalise Your Wedding Venue
Some fabulous ways to personalise your wedding venue so that you’re hosting your Big Day in a space that feels like your own.
How to plan a wedding from a distance
One of the most common reasons for having a wedding at a distance is simply a matter of geography; whatever the reason, here are some tips to planning your distance wedding.
How To Plan Your Destination Wedding
Planning a destination wedding takes some finesse, and you will have a lot of decisions to make. Here are some tips for making your destination wedding go as smoothly as possible.
How to Save Money on Your Wedding
We’ve found some brilliant ways to save money on your wedding! You’d be surprised at how beautiful your wedding can be without going over budget.
How to wear buttonholes for weddings
If you’ve got a big occasion coming up, chances are, you’ve probably been stressing about how to wear a buttonhole for the wedding for some time. We help you know how to wear it!
Hymns at your Wedding
If you’re struggling to create the perfect hymn list to accompany your wedding day, look no further - below, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to traditional wedding hymns.
Planning a Winter Wedding
The ultimate guide to planning your winter wedding.
Planning Your Wedding Music
Choosing and arranging music for your wedding may be harder than you think... here are some pointers for organizing your music to keep your guests bopping long into the night!
Romantic Wedding Vows Ideas to Steal
Taking all your thoughts and feelings towards your favourite person in the world and putting them to paper is no easy feat. We’re here to help you with some beautiful and romantic wedding vows ideas.
Things you should save from your wedding day
Tips for Keeping Your Wedding under Budget
Weddings are expensive - keep yours within budget with our tips.
Vow Renewals
What is a vow renewal? Some ideas for your vow renewal ceremony.
What are the advantages of a winter wedding?
There are plenty of reasons to have a winter wedding... cost saving is one of then, but by no means the only good reason!
What is the Best Month to Get Married?
There are a few positives and negatives for tying the knot in any month of the year. We’ve rounded up a summary of each to help you figure out which is the best month to get married based on your preferences.
What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day
If you’ve taken a look at the weather forecast and it’s looking wet, you’re probably wondering what to do... well, if it rains on your wedding day, we’ve got you covered (pardon the pun).
Why do we wear veils at weddings?
Veils are one of the most iconic elements of a bride’s outfit. There’s no doubting their beauty, or their firm place in wedding traditions. But, we do have one question - why do we actually wear veils at weddings?
Why were doves released at weddings?
These gorgeous birds are synonymous with the idea of purity, hope, happiness and love, making them a symbol that is a perfect match to a wedding day. What actually is a wedding dove release? And why were doves released at weddings?
Your 13 Step Wedding Planning Guide
If you’re wondering where to start planning your wedding, our 13 Step Wedding Planning Guide will walk you through which tasks to focus on and in which order to do them.