Huge congratulations on hitting the decade milestone anniversary! An entire decade of happy memories since your wedding day, shared achievements and fun-filled moments - it’s pretty amazing, when you think about it. It’s an incredible achievement, and certainly cause for a celebration. Not that we need any excuse for a party… But, the real challenge comes when you start looking for the perfect gift… (10 years together was the easy part!). How do you get a present that lives up to this big milestone? Even if you’re not normally the romantic type, you’ll still want to make sure your tin anniversary gift is one fitting to the occasion. After all, it’s not every day that you celebrate 10 years together.

What is the traditional 10th wedding anniversary theme?

The traditional 10-year anniversary gift theme is tin. Because tin isn't commonly used nowadays, it's sometimes substituted for aluminium. Tin and aluminium represent durability and strength, which makes them a perfect symbol of the longevity of your relationship.

What is the modern 10th wedding anniversary theme?

The modern 10th year anniversary gift theme is diamond jewelry (or diamond jewellery if you're in the British English part of the world!). Don't worry, diamonds don't feature in the themes until your 30th anniversary, so you've got a couple of decades to save for the next one!

Tennis necklace

What is the 10th wedding anniversary stone?

Diamond is the traditional tenth wedding anniversary stone. Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love and commitment and they're also one of the hardest and most durable gemstones, which reflects the strength and longevity of your marriage. And, as the cliché goes, they are supposedly a girl's best friend!

What is the tenth wedding anniversary flower?

The daffodil is the traditional tenth wedding anniversary flower. Daffodils symbolize joy, happiness, and new beginnings, making them the perfect flower to celebrate 10 years of marriage. The bright yellow color of daffodils also represents the happy couple's joy and hope for the future. Daffodils also represent loyalty, respect, and commitment, which are all essential for a successful marriage.

What is the 10 year wedding anniversary color?

Silver or blue are the 10th anniversary colors. Silver is as precious as your long-lasting commitment to each other, while blue is associated with wisdom, trust, and stability, all elements that are important in a strong and lasting relationship.

Traditional tin or aluminium gift ideas for your 10th wedding anniversary

While tin gifts are the traditional gift items for the 10th anniversary, it's quite often substituted for aluminium or stainless steel as they're far more widely available nowadays. Between the three materials, you have an enormous range of options for 10th anniversary gifts!

The great thing about the tin anniversary is that it's easy to make your own unique gift. You could:

  • Make your own tin memory box. Fill a tin box with old photographs, love letters, keepsakes, cassette tapes, a film camera - the world is your oyster!#
  • Create a tin filled with their favourite things. Fill a tin box with your partner’s favourite food, vouchers to fun activities together, pamper gifts, messages, and anything else that you think would put a smile on their face.
  • Plant a flower in a tin, and watch it grow together. It may be a small gift, but it’s filled with thought. And if you want to get really meta with your wedding anniversary gifts, you could plant a daffodil (this year's flower).

There are plenty of wall art opportunities for the tin anniversary year, from licence plates spelling out your wedding date to your wedding vows engraved on a sheet of tin or other metal.

Tin/stainless steel mugs or wine glasses are a more practical option, especially if you do a lot of camping or travelling together. On the theme of travelling, if your spouse travels a lot then why not buy them a high-end set of travel luggage? If they prefer cooking or baking, then tin or aluminium is an ideal material for cookware and bakeware... you could treat them to that new set of saucepans or a fancy wok they've had their eye on? And if they prefer cooking outdoors, then technically a BBQ is made of steel (ok, we're going slightly on a tangent here, but you get the idea!). And if they're more of the gardening type, then some delightful wind chimes would create some soothing background noise while they're pottering away.

Modern diamond 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas

For the 10th wedding anniversary, the modern gift theme is diamond jewelry. It may be easier to find, but tin or aluminium is definitely a cheaper option… If you’re still keen to go down the modern route, we’ve got some top tips to help you choose a meaningful gift that’s sure to wow your other half.

  • Look for personalised or bespoke pieces - it’s the little details that really make a difference. This will require a little more planning on your part as bespoke diamond jewelry can sometimes take weeks or months to create, so start planning early!
  • Find a piece that suits your partner’s signature style. Look in boutiques and in the stores of artisan jewellery makers. Make the most out of all the incredible creative talent out there!
  • It doesn’t have to be a ring. Necklaces, bracelets, broaches, tie pins, cufflinks - choose a piece that your partner will actually enjoy wearing.
  • Include details that symbolise your achievements together. For example, some pieces of jewellery include a ring for each of the recipient's children, which is a beautiful, incredibly meaningful sentiment.

10th Anniversary Date Ideas

While tin is a great theme to find the perfect 10-year anniversary gift, it's a little harder when it comes to date night ideas!

If you're wanting a night in together, then why not cook a lovely filled-tin dish such as a tray bake or seafood platter? You could pop some daffodils on the table to complete the theme! It's possible to buy or make daffodil-infused honey, so you could use that for whichever dessert you decide to make.

For a larger (and more expensive!) celebration, you could arrange a trip to Wales, where the daffodil is the nation flower. Extravagant? Yes! Will you have a good time and is it a special treat to celebrate this special occasion? Absolutely! A stroll around a local daffodil-filled park (perhaps accompanied by a picnic?) is a much cheaper and easier way to embrace the daffodil theme.

Whether you choose to stick with the traditional theme, or put a modern spin on the concept, we hope you enjoy searching for a special gift to commemorate the occasion. Either way, with these tips giving a little inspiration, at least you know you won’t have to resort to supermarket chocolates!