Color. Simply said, it excites us! Today's wedding inspiration looks at how to use Pantone's top Spring 2016 colors. We have all fallen in love with the softer side of Pantone this season. Rose Quartz and Serenity have been at the top of the list since the exciting announcement. But, what about the other eight fabulous hues - like Buttercup, Limpet Shell and Green Flash to name a few? Strictly Weddings takes a deeper dive into the top colors for Spring and how to perfectly pair them with other top shades.

Spring Inspiration Palettes

Spring is definitely in the air and we can't wait to see the vibrancy of tablescapes, bouquets, lighting and those delicious eye-candy cakes. Bridal designers introduced these fabulous colors into their wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses with their spring collections - daring designs that took a cue using Rose Quartz, Lilac Gray and Peach Echo and we have incorporated some of these into our color inspiration palettes just for our readers and your wedding planning Pinterest boards!

Rose Quartz

Credit: Magic4Walls

The Spring is led by Rose Quartz with its soothing and gentle tone that conveys compassion and composure. Pair this color with Peach Echo, Serenity and Lilac Gray for a serene feel. We love the idea of Rose Quartz linens from Luxe Linen found in our composite or take it a step further and have your best friends wearing Hayley Paige's Rose Quartz and Serenity bridesmaids dresses for a beautiful mix and match style.

Left to Right: Chanel | Eleventh Heaven and Flossy and Leigh | Ralph and Russo | Luxe Linen

Peach Echo

Credit: Lovisa Oliv

Shades of orange make any color palette pop and this primary color has been on trend for several seasons. This Spring, Peach Echo is introduced as a lighter shade evoking warmth and a friendly quality. Pairing this color with unexpected soft hues of Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Gray will put Peach Echo center stage. We love the idea of a bouquet showcasing these colors. Think outdoor weddings with draping fabrics and sugar flowers for delectable cakes.

Left to Right: Lazaro | CakeCentral | Invitations by Ajalon | Asiel Design


Credit: OliveTwigStudio

Serenity is Pantone's second leading color in their top choices with its weightless and airy feel that is as expansive as the blue sky. This color brings a sense of comfort and calm. A transcendent blue, that can be paired with the richness of Buttercup, Snorkel Blue and Peach Echo. Look for invitations this season that will introduce and set the tone of a wedding. Our hearts melt over the fashion choices of shoes, skirts and even gowns to bring a little something blue to a big day.

Left to Right: Chloe Delgadillo | Space 46 Boutique | Lou D'Orsay

Snorkel Blue

Credit: Martha Lever

Playing into the navy family is Snorkel Blue. This color delivers an energetic quality and its name even brings forth images of a beach vacation. Striking in richness and depth, Snorkel Blue can be paired with Buttercup, Iced Coffee and Peach Echo - we suggest Limpet Shell for a true beach vibe or destination wedding. We would choose the crystal glass from LCR Westport's collection to sip our beverage from all day long.

Left to Right: Hayley Paige Occasions | LCR Westport | Brilliant Earth | Badgley Mischka


Credit: Kurt Jackson

Buttercup enters the Pantone scene as a nice contrast and a ray of sunshine. Bolder than the paler yellows of yesteryear's this hue is all about vibrancy and vitality. Pair Buttercup with Snorkel Blue, Serenity and Lilac Gray for a diverse color palette this Spring. Floral choices will be endless this season as an accent color or main attraction. We hope every girl will be daring enough to add a piece of sunshine to their closet this season to spread some happiness.

Left to Right: Elie Saab | Jordan Payne Events | Harry Winston | Pinterest | Jordan Payne Events

Limpet Shell

Credit: Pinterest

Evoking a sense of tranquility, Limpet Shell is as crisp and fresh as the Caribbean sea. Leaning toward the green family, this aqua-like shade is youthful and clean. Suggested pairings are with Iced Coffee, Peach Echo and Rose Quartz. Warmer months are screaming for Limpet Shell cocktails to be served at outdoor weddings. And who wouldn't want to add one of these Elie Saab gowns or playful lingerie to their wardrobe!?

Left to Right: Luxe Linen | Elie Saab | Ted Baker | Pinterest

Lilac Gray

Credit: Carol Hannah

Lilac Gray is the go-to-color of the year for a new neutral base tone with its purple undertone adding depth to the classic gray family which is so on trend this season. Essentially a basic, this shade delivers a distinctive edge and pairs with Fiesta, Green Flash and Iced Coffee. Personally, we think it gives an innovative base for the entire Pantone collection for Spring - you can't go wrong with this hue outdoors or indoors.

Left to Right: Zita Elze | Lavender and Twine | Bella Rains Garden Studio | Krista Fox | Truffle Cake & Pastry


Credit: Lana Moes

High on energy and fierceness, Fiesta is a forerunner for an exciting color theme. A yellow-based red, this shade is a stark contract to the softer tones - just as Buttercup evokes a sense of happiness, Fiesta is bold and fiery. Pairing with Snorkel Blue, Green Flash an Limpet Shell are recommended choices, but if you really want to light up the party vibe for a bridal shower or reception think Peach Echo and Buttercup.

Left to Right: Christina Wu | Pinterest | R&R Event Rentals | Deer Pearl Flowers | Luxe Linen

Iced Coffee

Credit: Magic4Walls

A transitional color, Iced Coffee is another strong neutral this season as an earthy tone it brings a foundation to a color palette. Soft and subtle, this shade can bring a lot of depth too. Recommended pairings are Rose Quartz, Serenity and Lilac Gray. We recently showcased this fabulous hue in a candlelight wedding that will certainly melt hearts all year long with a combination of Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee drapery!

Left to Right: Inbal Dror | The Pastry Studio | Pinterest | Louise Georges Yves and The Hidden Garden

Green Flash

Credit: Cristina Dalla Valentina

Go Green not only with natural products by the infusion of Green Flash that calls to the explorer and the girl who likes to push the chic envelope. This color allows wedding planners to escape from the mundane and invite in a radiating and unexpected brilliance. Pairing Green Flash with Snorkel Blue, Serenity and Limpet Shell are definite blending options. From floral wreaths in bohemian chic weddings to the use of abundant greenery that will bring the sense of outdoors to the inside, we are excited to see this hue brought to life.

Left to Right: Luxe Linen | Jasmine Bridal | Thayer Allyson Gowdy | Christine Meintjes | The Pastry Studio

Pantone Authority

That's a wrap to this year's top Spring colors presented by Pantone. To sum up this incredible palette of innovative hues that create a softer side to 2016, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says: "colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves."

Go on - express yourself!

Credits to homepage image dresses left to right: Sorella Vita | Christina Wu | Kelly Faetanini | Jasmine Bridal | Jasmine Bridal | Elie Saab