When you combine one stunning Vera Wang bride with her dashing childhood sweetheart and a dream team of vendors you get a little slice of heaven. Modern details and romance-filled blooms crafted by Kehoe Designs and wedding planner Randy Schuster all add up to an ahh-mazing white and gold dream wedding. Thanks to Amy and Jordan Photography, we get see how this love story unfolded into a day of breath taking moments.

Tanya and Aaron grew up across the street from one another. In a sense, they have always been together, which made this day even more special. With an enchanting romance, one should only imagine a luxurious wedding to match their story.

The day of her wedding, Tanya sat on the bed at the Four Seasons in Arizona, in her white wedding robe. A pen in one hand, a card in the other. Her long blonde hair draped over her left shoulder, catching a glint of the soft light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling window. Wedding day giggles and bridesmaid chatter echoed from the adjoining room. Girls walked in. Girls walked out. But the bride-to-be didn't miss a beat. Sitting in a sea of tags, hangers, and dresses, surrounded by a fortress of pillows and blankets, she wrote. One word. Then another. Stopping each time to smile. Sweetly, softly, and to herself. Without even looking up. Because she didn't need to. After all, she was thinking about him. The boy who grew up across the street and walked past her house in bright blue shorts. The one who, in just hours, she'd walk to, at the end of an aisle, in a black and white tuxedo as she graced the aisle in her Vera Wang ball gown.

Standing in a sea of white flowers, benches and draping, surrounded by family and friends, and enveloped in their love under the stars, she walked. One step, then another. Stopping long enough with each one to look up and smile. Sweetly, softly, and, this time, to herself¦ and to him. Like there wasn't anyone else or anything else in the entire world.

To us, that's what made Tanya and Aaron's wedding so special. Of course, the fact that their surroundings were all the makings of a gorgeous make-believe fairytale makes us swoon. But, their real-life love outmatches all.

During the Skype call with between the bride and groom and their photographer in the days leading up to their wedding, Aaron said, "You know, if the cake doesn't show up, or if the flowers don't arrive, or, really, if everything goes wrong, but she's there, it'll be right. Because I get to marry Tanya." It still gives us chills!