Ever thought about pulling off the perfect proposal? Certainly, every girl has thought about being on the other end - and we know there are loads of men out there that this question weighs heavily upon! That's why when this surprise proposal in Paris, with photographer Kiss Me in Paris, landed in our laps we knew we had to feature it. The best part is, Gloria Villa, the genius behind the lens shares with us three key steps in ensuring your plans are captured with the magic your big question and moment deserves.

Perfect Proposal: Little Girl Dreams

Asking the person you love to marry is a big life decision and you'll want it to be absolutely perfect. But let's level with you first: you see, most women have been conditioned for this moment from the time they were little girls. And whether or not they admit it, women simply still appreciate the effort, chivalry and the metaphorical prince on a white stallion.

A Surprise Proposal in Paris

Ren and Lisa undoubtly pulled together one of the most marvelous and possibly "impossible" photos done in Paris, as the Louvre museum was perfectly empty. The planets aligned for this one! This romantic couple is from Japan, and they met at a friend's wedding nearly two years ago. Ren contacted Kiss Me in Paris two months before for the preparation process. They agreed on the best possible location and the best time to do so which resulted in this picture perfect outcome. Here are three key tips in how to do the same, because it did take a little more than just getting down on one knee in the most romantic place on earth ¦

Step 1: Book Your Paris Proposal Photographer

Sounds simple enough. However, surprise proposals are not created equal ¦ and neither are Paris photographers. Keep in mind that you've already spent an abundant time and resources in bringing the woman you want to marry in Paris. So you might as well now invest in having your Paris proposal captured professionally by and experienced artist who truly cares.

Questions to Ask Your Paris Photographer:
  • Check the availability of your photographer
  • Ask your photographer about their experience, passion and approach to discretely documenting (surprise) Paris proposals.
  • Ask your photographer to send you samples of photos they have taken of surprise proposals; also ask for great location ideas
  • Secure your preferred date, starting time and photographer by making your retainer payment.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, you'll receive a shoot brief, summarizing your Paris proposal details, including meeting point, starting time, how to signal that you're about to propose and more.

Step 2: Prepare Your Dream Paris Proposal

Pulling off a world-class Paris proposal requires preparation and crystal clean two-way communication between you and your photographer.

In fact, immediately after you book, Kiss Me in Paris will set up a quick Q&A over Skype to get to know you and understand your unique love story.

Together, you can begin to envision and approve the proposal concept, and then put in place a private Pinterest inspiration board to stay organized and facilitate ideas and feedback.

General Shoot-Related Considerations

There aren't many times in life when you know in advance that you're about to pull of something that you'll want to remember forever. It also means you have no excuse not to prepare thoughtfully to get things just right once you pop the question and put the ring on her finger.

  • Location matters: It can be the place where you first hung out together when you previously visited Paris, or simply a beautiful spot worthy of such occasion.
  • When in doubt, chose a location that is private.
  • You're proposing in Paris - so your outfits as a couple should ideally speak to the grand occasion and be seductively elegant. There are no hard rules, but for silhouettes, tighter fitting dark attire (and her hair in a bun) are recommended. Otherwise, a splash of color can truly make photos pop.
  • Make sure that you and your photographer know that exact moment when and where you'll pop the question. Ideally, agree with your photographer in advance on a "ready signal" to let them know you're about to ask.
  • Position yourself and your woman perfectly parallel to your photographer and the desired backdrop; this is important since it will allow the photographer to capture your proposal and her reaction without the need to encroach or distract in any way.
Step 3: After She Says "YES!"

So she said "Yes" and her left hand now feels a touch heavier on her right hand! Congratulations!!

Yet, stopping your photography coverage right now would be missing a precious opportunity, and here is why: her emotions will be at a unique high and you already have a photographer you trust by your side.