Tranquility, strength, and optimism. These are the adjectives to describe the Riverside Blue fall 2016 color leading the blue family from Pantone this coming season. This cooler color is calm and stable with a subtle vibrancy and sophistication that will blend with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors and meld seamlessly with a variety of blue hues. As we look toward fall, the strong and calm Riverside blue has already affirmed its place in fashion and décor. At Strictly Weddings, we've kept a close eye on how this cooler color has expressed itself in the wedding world and will certainly be making an impact in upcoming weddings. Riverside is a deeper departure from the softer colors of spring, Rose Quartz and Serenity, that have been reigning. However, its moody ease will be a delicious and welcomed compliment.

Riverside Blue

Once again, with a balanced collection of cool hues and subtle warm tones the combinations of Pantone's top ten fall colors are absolutely limitless. We see Riverside bursting onto the scene with trending chinoiserie patterns and its sister Pantone color, Airy Blue which easily nods toward Serenity. For a bold and edgy foundation, brides may consider utilizing Sharkskin, a bold gray that manages to remain a consistent natural. Warm taupe which is hearty, pleasing and approachable pairs well with Riverside for a organic and earthy wedding color palette. But our favorite, may be Dusty Cedar which nods towards Rose Quartz and is the perfect fall/winter version of the pinks we so adore. Think of a dustier rose-toned pink with more complexity exuding warmth.

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