With millions of adoring fans on a global scale, Pnina Tornai wedding gowns 2017 Dimensions Collections will once again take the bridal world by storm. Today, we are thrilled to have an exclusive interview with this renowned couture bridal designer, star of TLC's hit show Say Yes To The Dress and lifestyle expert. For over ten years, Pnina has been helping brides say yes to their dream gown at the Pnina Tornai Boutique at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City and has traveled the world making brides' dreams come true. With a love for beauty and detail, Pnina creates breathtaking gowns inspired by her travels, Moroccan and Egyptian roots, and of course, her brides. Her new collection for brides this season, Dimensions, is nothing short of show-stopping with a variety of silhouettes, texture, fabrics and of course - bling - as one thing we know her best for is being the original Queen of Bling!

Pnina Tornai Wedding Gowns 2017: Exclusive Interview

SW: What first inspired your passion for design?

Pnina: I actually never planned on becoming a designer! As a young girl, I would make clothes out of my mother's tablecloths, but I never imagined that it would be my career. At the time, I was focused on becoming an actress, which was and still is a passion of mine, and is still a large part of my life. After going through a difficult time in my life, I had a dream one night that dresses were falling from the sky. I could see every detail so vividly, from the fabric, to the crystals, and the silhouettes. I decided that this was a calling from God, and I've been designing ever since!

SW: Why focus on wedding dresses?

Pnina: While I do design evening gowns for the red carpet, I think that a wedding dress symbolizes the most important day in a woman's life. It's more than just another gown. It pulls on the heartstrings and stirs up so much emotion and eventually nostalgia. I love helping a bride feel like the most beautiful version of herself for the most important and joyous day of her life!

SW: How would you describe a Pnina Tornai gown?

Pnina: I really try to create a gown for each and every bride, and if I discover I am missing a style or silhouette, I make sure to create one right away! Because of this, my collection is quite varied, but what all of my gowns have in common is an extraordinary structure and fit. I use the finest fabrics, Swarovski crystals and custom embroideries, hand draping, and for my signature gowns, the corset construction that I have perfected from studying the feminine figure and the clothing of the early 1900s. A Pnina Tornai gown is always sophisticated with a little bit of sexiness and of the highest quality. And don't forget, all of my gowns are like my children, so they are made with the love I hope my brides feel every day for the rest of their lives.

SW: Tell us about your new collection, what was your inspiration?

Pnina: My new collection is called Dimensions and my inspiration was focused on the variety of choices and decisions we are provided with every day. I call these choices dimensions, because each choice leads to a different path. We are the creators of our lives and love is the highest dimension and best decision we can make. While creating this collection, I realized that no matter what part of the globe, each bride has the same wish: to be her most beautiful self on her wedding day. There is no limit to beauty, and for every bride, I have created a silhouette or style that she will love.

SW: What trends can brides anticipate for 2017?

Pnina: For 2017, brides can expect to see dramatic wedding gowns. Long trains, plunging necklines and backs, and elegant lace details punctuated my collection for 2017. Textured skirts and blush are also still trending as well! And of course, love never goes out of style.

SW: What makes a bride stand out in your design?

Pnina: When a bride tries on one of my gowns, it really creates an impact. The way my gowns shape the body instantly gives a bride of any size more confidence, and suddenly you can see in her face that she knows she is beautiful! Of course, as the Queen of Bling, a little (or a lot) of crystal embellishment also creates a wow effect. I truly believe that my gowns have something for everyone: a touch of tradition for mom, a youthful sexiness for the bride, and a unique twist to keep guests gasping.

SW: What advice do you have for brides shopping for their dream dress?

Pnina: As a star on Say Yes To the Dress and during my monthly trunk shows and travels around the world, I have seen many great and not so great appointments. My top tip would be to bring people with you who truly have your best interest at heart, and keep the group small as well! More opinions often means more stress for the bride, especially if the people in her group are very opinionated. Another tip I have is to have a general idea of what you want, but also not to be close-minded. If the silhouette you thought you wanted to wear isn't wowing you, don't be afraid to try something else! Many of my brides end up buying the exact opposite of what they originally imagined, and it has always turned out for the best.

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