Indian weddings have a special place in our hearts with their bold and bright colors, rich-hued attire and heavy jewelry, the events spanning multiple days and the culture that is so deeply rooted in their tradition. Creating a truly standout cultural Indian wedding is an affair that needs to be choreographed to perfection. Enter Design House Décor who never creates a cookie cutter experience. Proof to this declaration is Anaar and Saumil's celebration at the Jersey City Hyatt that is a cultural beauty planned by Premini Events like you've never seen. Salwa Photography takes along for the journey with a breathtaking gallery that unfolds each aspect and awe-inspiring detail of the grand fete.

Anaar and Saumil's unforgettable chic wedding oozes with blissful romance. We are always taken back by the gorgeous attire the bride and groom don in regal red and gold. They are just too stunning for words. Their wedding infuses breathtaking culture traditional with rich colorful details, heartwarming moments, bridal portraits for days - that when all combined in this picturesque gallery just make you feel happy. That's the best kind of wedding! The ceremony greets guests with delicious pastel hues and accents of weeping willow in the decor. When you have a designer that can create installations that literally make it appear that the walls are bursting with fresh rose blooms, well, how can you not stop and stare!? We are certain that New York had to have experienced a shortage on roses once Design House Décor created this magic. Thousands of pastel roses were used in the installation and the mandap. Complementing the scene was the blush rose aisle and wall cutouts that were softened by the pretty in pink drapery. As a stark contrast, Anaar and Saumil's reception dripped in all gold and white. Personal touches and loads of lush white floral made for this ultimate swoon-fest ambience.