How many brides can say they didn't have to lift a finger because their mom handled every single glorious detail!? True story. When Rene Zadori Photography sent over this dream day with a teaser saying that "a mom perfectly plans a luxury wedding that will make your jaws drop," we immediately stop what we are doing to look. We can affirm that we really have not seen a such a beautiful pink and white stunner unfold as a surprise to the bride and groom. So much so, that when Charleen and Alen walked into the ballroom of the Terranea Resort they were literally rendered speechless. A total shock and awe. With the planning assistance of Hellenic Designs and Tina's Flowers Woodland Hills on floral under her mom's direction, Charleen only had to worry about finding her dream dress. Which of course was pure elegance as she stepped out in a gorgeous gown by Marchesa Bridal. Wait until you step into this lovely gallery fit for a princess.

Mom Perfectly Plans a Luxury Wedding

Charleen claims that she did not need to fill the bridezilla role as she left that up to her mom. Being swamped in day to day demands, Charleen and Alen - a notable doctor in California - did not know how to find the time to plan their big day. That's when her mom stepped up to the plate and reassured her to not worry about a thing. She spent months telling her to keep it simple with some guidance on what she wanted. But when it all came to fruition both, the bride and groom, did not anticipate the sheer beauty surrounding them. Breathtaking magic that was filled love, laughter and loads of dancing that will forever be remember as the best night of their lives. What a testimony. The only time there was a slight hiccup was when Charleen went to say her vows, she had forgotten the handwritten notes. Never fear, as Rene Zadori Photography always goes the extra mile and is aware of his surroundings as he is shooting and quickly came to the rescue. One by one, her 13 bridesmaids passed down the piece of paper until it finally reached the palm of her hand so she could say the words just as she had written them to the man of her dreams. When a mom perfectly plans a luxury wedding day such as this it definitely ranks to the top of our best of list.