For over forty years, Maison Signore has transported brides through time and across continents, from the crystal waters of the Amalfi Coast to decadent I Do's fit for royalty. A designer that is synonymous with excellence exuding the unmistakable signature of Made in Italy, their intricate designs are setting American brides hearts on fire with their ornate detailing. We are thrilled to present our exclusive interview with Italian bridal designer Maison Signore after their successful showing at Kleinfeld Bridal this season when they debuted their newest collection to hundreds of American brides. Geri Natale, General Director of Maison Signore, shares with us the brand's aesthetic and insights on capturing the attention of today's bride. A designer not shy in exploring the juxtaposition between strength and fragility. Sleek structure blends seamlessly with delicate embroidery and beading. And silhouettes are made to appear sheer and weightless through a mixture of fabrics as the gown boasts incredible "real jewel" elements.

Interview with Italian Bridal Designer Maison Signore

While Maison Signore is increasing his international profile, the company remains faithful to exclusive Italian craftsmanship. Each gown is made in Italy and every detail is carefully designed by one of the best design teams. Ensuring an unmistakable Italian style. In our interview with Italian bridal designer Maison Signore, the depth of knowledge and his pulse on today's bride shines through. The creation and signature of sensuous shapes and volumes of the dress designs caress and enhance a bride's shape as wearable sculptures. Our thoughts? Maison Signore has certainly cemented himself as a leading designer in the haute couture bridal wear industry and the craftsmanship is undeniably unparalleled. Without further ado, it's our pleasure to introduce Geri Natale, General Director of Maison Signore to our lovely audience at Strictly Weddings and showcase their newest ga-ga-gorgeous styles available worldwide now.

Interview with Italian Bridal Designer Maison Signore

Q: Describe the Maison Signore aesthetic. What is the signature look?

A: Our brand's signature look identifies itself in sophistication, which highlights refinement and elegance.

Q: Give us a little insight into your couture design process.

A: The experience has been simply fantastic. It is a true pride for us knowing that we can fascinate brides all over the world such as the many brides who chose us for their wedding day at Kleinfeld Bridal.

Q: What goes into a "bridal world tour" like your experience at Kleinfeld Bridal?

A: Our biggest challenge would be being always one step ahead. Our styles are always up to date and fashion forward without losing sight of the balance between refinement and elegance. Fundamental standards of a wedding dress.

Q: What are the challenges you face in the bridal industry today?

A: Surely our bride's consent. Seeing them looking absolutely spectacular is our greatest joy.

Q: Do you have some criteria to sell your gowns to specific stores?

A: Of course stores, which are certified to sell a Maison Signore gown, have to be in line with our standards, which require a lot of qualification, being able to recommend and sell a gown, which is entirely handmade. This needs a lot of skill and product knowledge.

Interview with Italian Bridal Designer Maison Signore

Q: How do you decide on a theme for each collection?

A: Inspirations all have different roots. We have a detailed approach towards fashion and how the bridal industry changes with the society for each generation.

Q: Do you design your fabrics as well?

A: Sometimes it has been done.

Q: Where do you see Maison Signore in 2019?

A: At the peak, amongst the biggest bridal industries worldwide. Kidding apart we are working each and every day to create a real, 'icon' in the bridal world. A style icon, gowns that are exclusive and more importantly that are entirely handmade with passion.

Q: How does a bride know when she has found the dress of her dreams?

A: Emotions. Tears of joy or they get the butterflies. It's usually different, but very similar for any bride who wears a Maison Signore gown.

Q: Tell us about the campaign of Maison Signore's newest collection.

A: Our most stunning and actual campaigns are done by real American brides. Delighted about their choice, and the joy of wearing a Maison Signore gown on their most important day.

Q: What should a bride know before attending a show?

A: Possibly knowing which style they are more inclined towards and in which wear they can identify themselves the most.

Q: Why should a bride attend a trunk show like the one at Kleinfeld Bridal?

A: It's a great opportunity to try on a lot of our dresses which you can be informed on by our style office directly from the Maison which are always present during trunk shows at Kleinfeld.

Q: What sets an Italian designer apart from a US designer?

A: The STYLE. The Italian one is faultless.