If you are an avid reader of Strictly Weddings or follow any of our social pages, then you know boho has taken the world by storm. But, we've noticed a new variation of the boho wedding trend emerging. That lovelies, is urban boho. An updated version that feels fresh and modern. Taking all the most popular elements of boho and pairing these elements with a variety of unexpected textures through design and décor. We weren't the only ones taking note as Mi Vintage Rentals saw this too. To showcase some of their latest additions to their ever-growing collection and put the spotlight on the new variation of the boho wedding trend emerging for modern bohemian bride, they embarked on this creative journey in Palm Beach. A gorgeous editorial that combining the elegance of modern lines with the romanticism of vintage silhouettes we love so much in the urban boho slant. The Cardonas, who specialize in airy photos and have a keen eye for detail, were the perfect creative duo to capture the urban boho story.

New Variation of the Boho Wedding Trend Emerging

Nestled near the heart of West Palm Beach is the Rich Hippies House, a quaint but luxe venue with lots of white areas and Florida foliage. This open-concept space doubles as a vacation rental and venue. It is home to a gorgeous array of miniature cottages all decorated with treasures collected from the founder's numerous travels. Let it be known that this is not your typical south Floridian home. Because of its curated nature, bohemian-style events have always been a favorite to set up for Mi Vintage Rentals. The idea of this shoot was to be inspired by textures while still making it feel luxurious and timeless. One of the top distinctions of the emerging urban boho trend and design spaces is to make use of a tighter color palette. In this example, a very specific and simplified palette. Design and décor elements are neutral, creating a much more pulled together vibe. Although pampas and dried florals have been used many times before, Miami Centerpieces team elevates it with a clean and elegant design. And because an event without cake is just a meeting, Earth and Sugar, a prestigious dessert studio specializing in modern techniques and artistic design, created the most beautiful textured cake. The bride and groom happen to be a real-life couple who contacted the rental company for their wedding. They had the perfect look for this shoot, especially with their attire that ties the entire shoot together. Both stylish with dainty but loads of texture to be found in each of their outfits.