Historic Mill, waterfall wedding in Georgia. This wedding was held in one of the most unique locations. An old mill with cascading waterfall provided a stunning backdrop for Andrea and Cameron's wedding day. The reception room was beautifully decorated with lovely flowers and candles. Bride looked stunning in her gown and the groom stylish in his tuxedo.

Wedding Style: I wanted a wow head turner dress. It was extremely hard trying to find a dress. I went to maybe 10 shops and was losing hope. The dress I ended up buying was nothing like the pieces I was trying on. I decided to just try something different and a soon as I got the dress half way on I feel in love with it. 

Culture: We are a blended family, I have two children from a previous relationship and he has 2 from a previous relationship. So we decided on having a sand ceremony and had the children join us to pour sand as well to unite the 4 of us together. 

Memories: Having my younger brother walk me. My dad and step dad are both deceased so having him walk me was everything to me.