Jeff and Siobhan’s love for each other and wedding has put them “on top of the world”…, literally. They were married at the top of Ram Charger Lift, in Big Sky, Montana. Jeff and Siobhan chose Big Sky for their actual Wedding Ceremony because this is where Jeff (very patiently), taught Siobhan how to ski.

These two had the best of both worlds, venue-wise, as their reception was held at The Ponds at Dry Creek in the picturesque countryside of Belgrade. Siobhan has an affinity for not only mountains but for water as well, so The Ponds were perfect. It was important for these newlyweds to show their families the many diverse features of the area and why they live here. The reception venue also provided a spacious dance floor which Jeff, Siobhan, and their guests took full advantage of.

The photos and slide show captured each individual personality by how they moved on that dance floor and believe me, there were some unique moves. Still, the dance floor never got too crowded.

This should not surprise anyone with Joe’s DJ Service spinning the tunes. They really know how to keep a party going. Or was it the highly popular Map Brewing Party Lager that did it?

Siobhan’s dress by Plume Bridal was a perfect pick for her. It was sophisticated, yet still very practical allowing her to move so comfortably throughout the night. The tennis shoes helped with comfort yet took nothing away from her elegance Her hair by Kelsey Beaudry and Make-up by Just for You complimented her look so perfectly. Jeff was also very well dressed, looking handsome and dapper. Everything about them echoed how important this day was to them.