Tiny Tim (musician) Marriage Info

American singer and ukulele player (1932 - 1996)

Who was Tiny Tim (musician) married to?

Tiny Tim (musician) was married three times. Most recently they were married to Susan Marie Gardner in 1995.

When did Tiny Tim (musician) get married?

Tiny Tim (musician) was first married in 1969 to Victoria Mae Budinger. They were last married in 1995 to Susan Marie Gardner.

How long was Tiny Tim (musician) married for?

Tiny Tim (musician) was married to Victoria Mae Budinger for 8 years, Jan Alweiss for 11 years, and Susan Marie Gardner for 1 year.
Their longest marriage (that we know of) was 11 years to Jan Alweiss.

How many times has Tiny Tim (musician) been married?

Tiny Tim (musician) has been married three times (that we know of).

When did Tiny Tim (musician) get divorced?

Tiny Tim (musician) was divorced in 1977 from Victoria Mae Budinger, and in 1995 from Jan Alweiss

How many times has Tiny Tim (musician) been divorced?

Tiny Tim (musician) has been divorced twice (that we know of).

SpouseMarriedMarriage End
Victoria Mae Budinger19691977
Jan Alweiss19841995
Susan Marie Gardner1995
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