I'm a full-time, professional Shropshire Wedding Photographer, and I’m here to capture your wedding anywhere in the country and beyond!

I bloody love weddings. They are always full of people, and photographing people is something that just makes me happy. And if I am photographing happy people then that is even better! My aim is to capture the moments and the realness of your wedding day.

You’ve invested a lot in it. In time, planning and making sure everything is going to be perfect, and also in cost - weddings aren’t cheap. You want to be able to look back and remember it like it really was - awesome! And that is where I come in…

You want to be able to look in the pictures and see yourselves and your friends and family - not someone standing stuffy and awkward, so I am not into posing - I know how being told how to stand can make you feel - unnatural and, well, just not you.

So my way of capturing your big day is by a candid, natural and documentary style, where you are relaxed and being yourselves.

One of my big skills is making you feel at ease and comfortable and by doing this and blending in with your guests I can get the very very best pictures for you.