In honesty, Fine Art Photography doesn’t sum up my style. Fine Art imagery focus on the finer things – the shoes, the place names, the dress hanging from the branch… Although I’m a big believer in documenting these beautiful accents, for me it’s less about the smaller details and more about the bigger picture – the people. What gets me excited is the sheer emotion – those moments that are tangible, memorable – I can see a single picture and be transported back to that very place, the look on her face. It’s a photo that evokes a feeling. And that’s what I do – I make memories and tell stories through time frames, never missing a moment and investing everything emotionally, drinking in every second of the day, intoxicated by your tale – the beauty of your romance, your unique and unrivalled union, I guess I really am addicted to love. My images are about connection and intimacy, romance with honesty – pure heart imagery with a fine art edit. So I’m not labeling my style any longer – it’s simply about love, light and celebrating life, no boxes, just beauty.