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About Weddings in Alabama

It’s easy to see where the song got its inspiration. Alabama is filled with picturesque locations, a pivotal place in history, and its own entirely unique art and cultural scene.

Alabama has attracted countless tourists with an interest in the country’s history. After all, it is here that the mid-20th century Civil Rights Movement was founded, took shape, grew in momentum, and made a profound impact upon U.S. history, indeed, the history of the world.

Visitors can visit some of the most iconic landmarks of the Civil Rights Movement. In Montgomery, you can visit the church of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Rosa Parks Museum museum, which has been built to honour her legacy.

You can also see the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, which has been turned into a museum. This was a headquarters for the movement in the ‘60s. You can also tour the Alabama Civil Rights Trail, to immerse yourself in these defining moments of U.S. history.

After you’ve soaked up the state’s history, your next must-see items on the itinerary are Alabama’s natural wonders. Stroll along the picture-perfect Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, which are renowned for their dazzling blue waters and the soft, delicate white sands.

Or, if you’re more of the adventurous types, explore Leesburg’s Cherokee Rock Village, and scale the foothills of the magnificent Appalachian mountains.

With 22 state parks, containing 48,000 acres of unspoilt natural beauty, Alabama makes a sensational rural retreat. From the dazzling Summer sunshine, to the golden sunsets and bright Autumn trees, you can be sure that Alabama’s landscapes will provide a stunning ceremony backdrop, whatever the time of year.