Weddings in Illinois - everything you need for your Illinois wedding

About Weddings in Illinois

Illinois is known for both its deep, fascinating historical connections, and its dynamic fast-paced arts and cultural scene.

If you’re both history boffs, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Illinois has preserved some of our closest links to the former president Abraham Lincoln. Here, you can visit Lincoln’s New Salem, watch talented historical re-enactors perform, and even visit the Vandalia Statehouse State Historic Site, where Lincoln grew his career as an attorney, and received his law license.

The Prairie State is also renowned for the beauty of its natural landscapes. It is home to 300 miles of the world-renowned Route 66 - a drive that is synonymous with natural beauty, quirky historical attractions, and a nostalgic glimpse into America’s history.

There’s also the Great River Road, which tours the winding stream of the Mississippi river, providing stunning views of the water, vineyards and quaint, traditional towns as you go.

One of the most popular traditional locations that connects to this stretch of road is Moline. This charming city is filled with tourist attractions, including the art sculptures at Schwiebert Riverfront Park, Rock Island, the hearty food and the famous riverboat the Celebration Belle. You and your guests can enjoy a romantic cruise along the Mississippi river, listen to live music and soak up the scenery.

If natural beauty is what you want for your wedding location, Illinois will leave you spoilt for choice. The Shawnee National Forest possesses a magnificent, rugged landscape of lush greenery. Within its dense trees, you can visit local breweries and wineries, and even scale the Garden of the Gods. The Shawnee Wine Trail includes some stunning wedding venues, which feature classic Southern style.