Weddings in Mississippi - everything you need for your Mississippi wedding

About Weddings in Mississippi

In the state where America’s music was born, you can expect rich and diverse experiences, which are utterly unique.

It is here where the blues movement was born, as it first evolved from the work songs of African-Americans in the 1860s. Today, Mississippi proudly remembers its role in the nation’s music scene. Visitors can experience music history first-hand on the Mississippi Blues Trail and Mississippi Country Music Trail.

If you’ve come to experience the music, you’ll never be short of live performances in Mississippi. Get involved in the state’s seasonal festivals and sensational live music events, which are on the go throughout the year. 

Mississippi is also renowned for its warming, classic Southern hospitality. The state’s iconic dishes are warming, flavourful and oh-so-decadent - truly, they’re designed to feed the soul just as much as they do the body.

The signature must-try dishes of Mississippi include fried chicken waffles, po’boy, comeback sauce and fried dill pickles. Or, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and tuck into a classic Mississippi Mud Pie. The state is renowned for its exciting melting pot of food and craft breweries.

All of these Mississippi classics are perfectly suited to a wedding day... with plenty of talented musicians and wealth of culinary talent, it's a great combo for your perfect wedding celebration.

And finally, you’d be mad to miss out on Mississippi’s agritourism adventures. Along the banks of the river, you can try shrimping on the Gulf Coast, watching a traditional horse show, or wading through corn mazes. These charming activities offer a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of the city, while providing a great insight into the steady, rural way of life that Mississippi is known for.