Weddings in Vermont - everything you need for your Vermont wedding

About Weddings in Vermont

Few wedding ceremonies capture our hearts and imagination quite like rural, forest weddings.

The natural landscape is a stunning addition to any ceremony - no matter how modern your style may be, Mother Nature will make your decor, dress and photographs shine.

Vermont is located in the North-East of America, within the region of New England. Although we love the hustle and bustle of a city, Vermont makes it easy to see why rural life holds such charm.

This state is the perfect destination for any couples who want to take their ceremony away from life’s business, and make tranquility, quaintness and nature the key themes of their occasion. In fact, did you know that Vermont does not have a single skyscraper in the entire state? The tallest building in the state is just 11 stories high. Talk about rural!

The majority of Vermont’s landscape is made up of rich, lush and dense forests. Visitors take great delight in exploring this dramatic scenery and trekking through hiking trails and over the state’s 100+ 19th-century wooden bridges.

Another one of the natural hot-spots in Vermont (not literally) are it’s world-renowned ski slopes. Vermont’s mountain terrain covers thousands of acres, with views that are nothing short of spectacular.

Actually, funnily enough, Rudyard Kipling (the author of the Jungle Books) invented Snow golf here - Vermonters hold more than their fair share of innovation!

Speaking of inventions, Vermont is, by far, America’s largest maple syrup producer, and the state is immensely proud of this status. You’d be mad to miss out on a taste.