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About Weddings in Virginia

Virginia is commonly referred to as ‘the birthplace of a nation’. Although, at first, this might seem like a pretty big claim, once you explore the state’s wonders (natural, historical and cultural alike), you’ll soon realise the truth of it. Any history-loving couple would delight in Virginia’s landmarks and they offer an enormous selection of historically themed wedding venues.

Virginia is one of America’s 13 original colonies. It was here, in Jamestown, that the first English settlement in America was established. In later history, Virginia earnt its popular nickname as the ‘Mother of Presidents’. An impressive 8 presidents of America were born in the state, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson.

Today, you can visit the homes of some of history’s most famous faces. Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello (designed by himself), and Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, both still proudly stand in Virginia.

To find out more about the state’s pivotal role in U.S. history, you can visit the living-history re-enactment museums of Colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown Settlement.

But, Virginia’s unique attractions don’t stop there. In terms of the state’s natural wonders, Shenandoah National park is an absolute must-see. This dramatic landscape is set around the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing hikers with endless breath-taking views.

Or, if you don’t want to break a sweat, you could experience the scenery through the state’s famous Skyline Drive. This 105-mile route takes you along the mountains’ ridges, with 75 outlook points across the Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont.

With its small towns, lush landscapes and rich history, a trip to Virginia promises to be an unforgettable location for your wedding.