Viridian Images Photography

Viridian Images Photography, is comprised of a dynamic award-winning photography husband and wife team based in Atlanta, GA, yet with a boundless spirit that carries us to every corner of the globe. Our artistic vision and creative finesse redefine the art of storytelling through images.

Specializing in the art of documenting weddings and portraits, Viridian Images Photography offers a unique blend of authenticity and artistry. With Lissette's keen eye for detail and Orlando's passion for capturing candid emotions, we seamlessly weave together the fabric of each story, transforming fleeting instances into cherished memories that last a lifetime.

What sets us apart is our sought-after signature style that effortlessly merges fine art and creativeness. Our photographs are not mere snapshots; they're meticulously crafted compositions that evoke deep emotions and encapsulate the essence of the moment. Our work transcends the ordinary, crafting extraordinary moments into timeless works of art.