This Love was Heaven Sent - Featured Weddings - Dorsae & Lewis

The wedding was the natural outcome. The meeting was a message sent from above-

Her story:

Our lives crossed paths on August 21, 1999 at Sambuca's Jazz Club and Restaurant in downtown Houston,Texas. Little did I know that God had a divine appointment on His plate.Like many things in my life, I missed it! But God was determined! Two days later I was running early for an appointment, I stopped at Luby's Restaurant at Fondren and Westheimer, nothing fancy, a very plain cafeteria, not far from the manger where Jesus was born!Lo and behold, there was this stranger that I had met two days earlier.What a coincidence I thought to myself, still not recognizing that this was a divine appointment from God.

Well to make a long story short, it did not take me long to realize that God had His hands in this encounter.I have had ups and downs in my life, but because of the love and support of my Lewis, the downs have been few.

His story:

I had set out for an evening of jazz performances at a new venue in downtown Houston,Texas called Sambucas. When the band began its second set, I turned to see three beautiful ladies who suddenly appeared from nowhere to sit immediately on my left.The young lady closest to me struck up a conversation that centered around medicine since she was a nurse. Her friend (Dorsae) barely noticed me because the gentleman next to her had her occupied with stories of grandeur since he was an executive with Continental Airlines, with some 20 million frequent flyer miles under his belt and a loft atop of Sambucas.

Eventually, the five of us decided to have dinner whereby the conversations at the bar evolved to the sitting area of the restaurant. My focus for most of the evening was with Dorsae's friend and the superb jazz band that played music that a jazz enthusiast could truly appreciate. Dorsae continued to converse with "Mr. Continental Airlines" and totally missed God's calling for her to "abandon the dude" and follow through on His assignment to meet her future husband.

Nevertheless, the evening ended with me finding out her girl friend was married to a doctor and she was also expecting a baby eight months later. Now it's 2:00 a.m., Dorsae "dumps" the dude and I never got her personal information. I suspect she thought I was interested in her girlfriend. Little did she know I was so through with wanting to converse with her friend once I found out she was married.So I left the club thinking that I probably wouldn't see any of these ladies again in life, especially since I lived in Clear Lake, Texas and Dorsae lived in southwest Houston (- it was sixty miles between both of our homes). But God has a sense of humor!While visiting a client inHoustonon the west side of the city, a colleague and I were having lunch at a Luby's Restaurant on Fondren. I was telling him about my night out two days earlier with the three ladies, but I also failed to get the number of the "gorgeous single lady" whom I should have been conversing with.

We finished lunch and were leaving for our appointment, when I turned the corner of the restaurant and there she was! Dorsae was literally having lunch in the same restaurant! It was though God had said, - "If you two screw this up this time, I am through with you both!"We both were in awe of seeing each other again, and both felt that this was no coincidence, especially since we lived on opposite sides of the world.

Nevertheless, I followed through on my hunch that this was no ordinary "sister", rather a unique, smart, statuesque, beautiful woman, that I eventually found out loved the Lord. In fact our first date was to attend her church, and the rest is history.Yes, God does have a sense of humor! And I am glad He brought us back together again as He did to prove to both of us, this is no accident. "I want you two to follow through on MyDivineProvincefor you both! I want you married to each other!"

The Proposal:

Lewis: Wa ya ma me!!!???
Dorsae: Lewis get that bread out of your mouth,I don't know what you're saying
Lewis: Will you marry me?
Dorsae: What?
Lewis: Will you marry me?
Dorsae: I don't seeno ring!
Lewis: Rings are non-refundable!Will you marryme or not?
Dorsae: It depends!
Lewis: On what?
Dorsae: Will you love and obey?
Lewis: It depends!
Dorsae: On what?
Lewis: Will you submitand not ask questions?
Dorsae: It depends!
Lewis: On what?
Dorsae: Are you rich?
Lewis: Yes!
Dorsae: No further questions!
Lewis: Honey, I love you!Will you marry me?
Dorsae: I love you too honey!Yes, yes I'll marry you!
Lewis: Excuse me!Can I get a Vodka and tonic?
Dorsae: Excuse me! Can I have a box ofkleenex?

(American Idol finalist LaKisha Jones sang at the wedding)

Dorsae Riddles and Lewis Bennett - November29, 2009

Ceremony: Rockerfeller Chapel
Reception: The Palmer House
Flowers: Daniels Floriculture
Photography: Jai Girard Photography