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Wisconsin gives a brilliantly authentic snapshot of life in the U.S. Midwest. Whether you’re drawn to the superb food, the dense green forests, or the splendour of the great lakes, this is the state to experience it.

Wisconsin borders two of America’s most famous great lakes - Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. These glorious, bright blue waters extend as far as the eye can see. Wisconsin’s lake coastline makes a stunning outdoor reception venue. You could incorporate a bohemian theme, a minimalist art deco layout, or a blend of the two - that’s the beauty of lakeside weddings, you’ve got a blank canvas to put your own stamp on.

The cities of Wisconsin are also a firm favourite amongst tourists. The capital city of Madison is a chic fusion of modern and traditional, with the downtown area being constantly a-buzz with exciting events.

Madison also offers a number of stylish wedding venues, which are perfect for those couples who prefer a luxurious indoor ceremony. Some potential venues that you simply have to check out are The Madison Concourse Hotel & Governor’s Club, the Wisconsin Masonic Center, and St James 1868.

Another of Wisconsin’s most popular destinations is the city of Milwaukee, which is best known for its art, culture and innovation. Be sure to stop off at Discovery World, the renowned Milwaukee art museum and (if you’re into bikes), the Harley-Davidson Museum.

In fact, if you want your wedding to make a statement, the Harley-Davidson Museum is a fantastic choice of venue. With its bold aesthetic and punk vibe, your ceremony will certainly be one for the books.

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