We reckon Rita Rudner summed it up perfectly:

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

After 7 years together, it won’t be all breakfast in bed and back massages. Not to say that there’s any excuse not to celebrate an anniversary, though…

Romance is very much still on the cards, and anniversaries are a must.

After all, they’re your chance to celebrate everything that you’ve achieved together. All the ups and downs, major milestones and little laughs you’ve shared.

To help you celebrate the occasion in the style that it deserves, our experts have shared their guide to 7th wedding anniversaries. We’ve covered the theme’s history, modern alternatives and wedding anniversary gift inspiration - everything you could possibly need.

The history of wedding anniversary themes - why wool?

Actually, the theme for the 7th wedding anniversary is a later addition to the ‘original’ list.

The original list of wedding anniversary themes was published in 1922, in the book Etiquette, which was written by the American author Emily Post.

This list was based upon the themes that were common in the Victorian period, as couples gave each other themed gifts for their wedding anniversaries. Post collected these themes, and immortalised them in her book.

Her list only included anniversaries 1 and 5, then jumped straight to 10. From there, it only included anniversary themes along the pattern of once every 5 years.

The 7th wedding anniversary theme wasn’t actually made official until 1937. Post’s original, official list was expanded by The American National Retail Jeweler Association. They filled in the gaps left for the early anniversaries, including every anniversary from 1 to 10.

Traditional gift ideas for your 7th wedding anniversary

Before we get started, an important note on the 7th wedding anniversary theme: this year’s theme is different in the UK and America.

In the UK, this year’s theme is wool. But in the US, they give copper-themed gifts. So be mindful of this when you start your shopping!

We can’t decide which of us got it worse off - both sound pretty tricky themes…

Although wool isn’t an ideal theme (it’s far less readily available now than it was 100 years back), there’s still plenty of room for imagination.

To help you start your search for the perfect wool gift (don’t worry, you’ve got this), here’s our expert’s list of 7th wedding anniversary gift inspiration:

  • Sustainable wool jumpers
  • A woollen blanket - you can never go wrong with this cosy homeware accessory.
  • Or, get a cute personalised couple’s wool blanket, with your initials added in
  • Novelty socks
  • Date night knitting kits
  • Or, if 7 years together has seen a little addition to the family, you could make a knitted toy for your baby. 

Where did modern wedding gift themes come from?

On your search, you may have also seen desk sets and brass being listed as the theme for 7 year anniversaries. And that is indeed another theme for this year… how come?

Well, modern wedding anniversary themes were created in recent years, to give couples the option of a more relevant and, well, modern gift theme.

They are designed to stick with the traditional concept of choosing themed gifts that help couples to build up their home together, but have swapped older themes with ones that are more relevant to today’s world.

So, for this year, modern-minded couples have the theme of desk sets, particularly those made of brass.

It’s an interesting theme to frame your search around, perhaps wool may even be a bit easier…

But fear not, the internet is filled with shops and ideas to aid your hunt. Use your imagination, and try to find something that fits the style, personality and vibe of your other half.

Here’s our 5 top tips for choosing a modern seventh wedding anniversary gift:

  1. Choose something usable. It might sound super boring, but try to think of something that your partner will actually enjoy using. Practical presents don’t have to be boring!
  2. Be personal. Choose a design that fits your partner’s signature style.
  3. Avoid supermarkets! Try not to choose a mass-produced brass desk set. Instead, a look online and in antique shops will help you find something really special.
  4. What is their desk currently missing? Try to think about what they don’t currently have. It could be a humorous desk accessory, or something practical, which they’d enjoy using.
  5. Engraving is a lovely final touch. If you can, try to get your brass accessory engraved.

Whether you decide to go modern, or stick with the traditional theme, we hope you have fun choosing your sentimental, thoughtful 7th wedding anniversary gift.

Although these themes may sound a bit out-there (not to mention challenging to work with), they are a brilliant, completely blank canvas. Using these themes, you can find a special gift idea, which you would never have thought of otherwise!

Plus, by putting your personal spin on the wedding anniversary theme, you can really showcase what makes you unique as a couple. Cute, right?