Marriages of Notable People

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Lorrie Morgan
Loryn Brantz
Loryn Locklin
Losang Thonden
Losii Dikho
Lotay Tshering
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Lothar Berthold
Lothar Späth
Lotlot de Leon
Lotta Losten
Lotta Lundgren
Lotte Hass
Lottie Queen Stamper
Lottie Tham
Lotus Long
Lotus Thompson
Lou Adler
Lou Albano
Lou Antonio
Lou Barnes
Lou Bellamy
Lou Bernstein
Lou Costello
Lou Cusanovich
Lou D'Allesandro
Lou Diamond Phillips
Lou Dobbs
Lou Ferrigno
Lou Gerstner
Lou Gordon (journalist)
Lou Grant (cartoonist)
Lou Jacobi
Lou Jensen
Lou Kilzer
Lou Lang
Lou Lenart
Lou Leon Guerrero
Lou Lieberman
Lou M. Taylor
Lou Merrill
Lou Moore
Lou Papan
Lou Reed
Lou Reed (rugby union)
Lou Rell
Lou Scheimer
Louan Gideon
Louanne Sirota
Loudon Wainwright Jr.
Louella Ballerino
Loui Batley
Louie Anderson
Louie Bellson
Louie Giglio
Louie Gohmert
Louie L. Wainwright
Louie Pérez
Louie Welch
Louie Yim-qun
Louie Zumbach
Louis A. Lerner
Louis Alphonse de Bourbon
Louis Andriessen
Louis Armand Desrochers
Louis Armstrong
Louis Auchincloss
Louis B. Flexner
Louis B. Schwartz
Louis Bayard
Louis Begley
Louis Belzile
Louis Blessing
Louis Bloomfield
Louis Boekhout
Louis C. Camilleri
Louis C.K.
Louis Campagna
Louis Cancelmi
Louis Capozzoli
Louis Cheung
Louis Cole (YouTuber)
Louis de Funès
Louis DeLuca
Louis Dolivet
Louis Dubin
Louis Ducruet
Louis Dudek
Louis Edemann
Louis Edward Curdes
Louis F. Burns
Louis Fan (actor)
Louis Farrakhan
Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia
Louis Ferron
Louis Frey Jr.
Louis G. Whitcomb
Louis Galea
Louis Galen
Louis Garrel
Louis Giscard d'Estaing
Louis Gonda
Louis Gossett Jr.
Louis H. Ahrens
Louis H. Burke
Louis Harold Gray
Louis Harris
Louis Hayward
Louis Hodgson
Louis Islary
Louis J. Lefkowitz
Louis J. Nigro Jr.
Louis J. Tullio
Louis Jean Heydt
Louis Jenkins (poet)
Louis Jourdan
Louis Kestenbaum
Louis L'Amour
Louis L. Kaplan
Louis Lasagna
Louis Lesser
Louis Leterrier
Louis Levacher
Louis Lliboutry
Louis Lomax
Louis Longequeue
Louis Lorenz Stein
Louis M. Kohlmeier Jr.
Louis M. Pate Jr.
Louis Macouillard
Louis Malle
Louis Marandi
Louis Matheson
Louis Meyer
Louis Micheels
Louis Molina
Louis Mouchet
Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma
Louis Mustillo
Louis Ng
Louis Nye
Louis O. Kelso
Louis Oosthuizen
Louis P. Sheldon
Louis Prima
Louis Purnell
Louis Quinn
Louis R. Chênevert
Louis R. Nowell
Louis Raymond (horticulturalist)
Louis Riggs
Louis Rothkopf
Louis Rukeyser
Louis Rwagasore
Louis S. Goodman
Louis S. Kahnweiler
Louis S. Peterson
Louis S. Rothschild
Louis Sachar
Louis Schanker
Louis Scolnik
Louis Scott (actor)
Louis Silberkleit
Louis Stedman-Bryce
Louis Susman
Louis Theroux
Louis Till
Louis Tobacco
Louis Van Amstel
Louis van Gasteren
Louis Vogelpoel
Louis Ward
Louis Washkansky
Louis Waymouth
Louis Westerfield
Louis Wienholt
Louis Wolfson II
Louis Zamperini
Louis Zorich
Louis, Prince Napoléon
Louis, Prince of Hesse and by Rhine
Louis-Antoine Prat
Louis-Frédéric Lescure
Louis-Philippe Gélinas
Louis-Philippe Jean
Louis-Pierre Cécile
Louis-René Beaudoin
Louisa Benson Craig
Louisa Clein
Louisa Edwards
Louisa Ghijs
Louisa Horton
Louisa Moritz
Louisa R. Shotwell
Louisa Rix
Louise Allbritton
Louise Allen (novelist)
Louise Armstrong
Louise Arnstein Freedman
Louise Beavers
Louise Bennett-Coverley
Louise Bernice Halfe
Louise Brooks
Louise Brown
Louise Burfitt-Dons
Louise Campbell (actress)
Louise Carrier
Louise Caselotti
Louise Cowan
Louise Currie
Louise Day Hicks
Louise Elliott
Louise Erdrich
Louise Erickson (actress)
Louise Fitch
Louise Fletcher
Louise Glück
Louise Goodman (artist)
Louise Hay (mathematician)
Louise Henry (actress)
Louise Ho
Louise Jameson
Louise Kaplan
Louise Kink
Louise Lasser
Louise Leakey
Louise Lear
Louise Lindh
Louise Linton
Louise Lorraine
Louise Lucas
Louise Massey
Louise Mensch
Louise Minchin
Louise Nicholson
Louise O'Reilly
Louise O'Sullivan (businesswoman)
Louise Odes Neaderland
Louise Penny
Louise Pentland
Louise Platt
Louise Plowright
Louise Profeit-LeBlanc
Louise Redknapp
Louise Richardson
Louise Robey
Louise Rosskam
Louise Schatz
Louise Shropshire
Louise Siversen
Louise Slaughter
Louise Sunshine
Louise Terry Batties
Louise Thaden
Louise Timpson
Louise Todd Cope
Louise Troy
Louise Wallace
Louise Weinberg
Louise Wensel
Louise Zung-nyi Loh
Louiza Patikas
Loujain al-Hathloul
Loulou de la Falaise
Lourdes Benedicto
Lourdes de Oliveira
Lourdes Maldonado
Lourdes Mendoza
Lourdes Ortiz
Lourdes Quiñones Canales
Lourdes Valera
Lovat Dickson
Loveleen Kaur Sasan
Lovely Abella
Lovely Warren
Lovy Elias
Low Ngai Yuen
Low Thia Khiang
Lowe Finney
Lowell Goddard
Lowell K. Bridwell
Lowell Murray
Lowell Thomas Jr.
Lowry Mays
Loy Mauch
Loyce W. Turner
Loyd Grossman
Loyola Hearn
Loyola Sullivan
LR Swamy
Lu Andrade
Lu Ann Simms
Lu Grimaldi
Lü Hsueh-feng
Lu Jian
Lu Jintang
Lu Li
Lü Liping
Lu Min (actor)
Lu Palmer

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