Marriages of Notable People

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Peter Vaughan
Peter Vaughan (bishop)
Peter Viertel
Peter von Ziegesar
Peter Voser
Peter W. Barca
Peter W. Bodde
Peter W. Huber
Peter W. May
Peter W. Mullin
Peter W. Rodino
Peter Wallenberg Sr.
Peter Walton (rugby union)
Peter Watson (bishop)
Peter Weck
Peter Weir
Peter Weller
Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam
Peter Werner
Peter White (Australian politician)
Peter Whiteford
Peter Whitney
Peter Wild
Peter Wildy
Peter Wilenski
Peter Williams (businessman)
Peter Williams (lawyer)
Peter Wollen
Peter Woo
Peter Wood, 3rd Earl of Halifax
Peter Woolcott
Peter Wright (dancer)
Peter Wright (darts player)
Peter Wright (MI5 officer)
Peter Wright (mining entrepreneur)
Peter Wyngarde
Peter Y. Solmssen
Peter Yang
Peter Yates
Peter Young (judge)
Peter Zadek
Peter Žiga
Peter Zinner
Peter Zinovieff
Peter Zug
Péter Zwack
Petersen Zagaze
Petr Fiala
Petr Gazdík
Petr Skrabanek
Petr Yan
Petra Buzková
Petra Davies
Petra Ecclestone
Petra Gerster
Petra Markham
Petra Rudolf
Petra Schürmann
Petra Špalková
Petraq Zoto
Petras Auštrevičius
Petre Ștefănucă
Petri Hawkins-Byrd
Petrica Novosel Žic
Petro Marko
Petro Poroshenko
Petro Zheji
Petru Godiac
Petrus Kanisius Ojong
Pets Tseng
Petter Schramm
Petter Stordalen
Pétur Georg Markan
Pétur Sigurgeirsson
Peverell Marley
Peyman Ghasemkhani
Peyton Meyer
Peyton Reed
Phaedrig O'Brien, 17th Baron Inchiquin
Phagu Chauhan
Phail Wynn
Phạm Hương
Phạm Quỳnh Anh
Phan Huy Quát
Phan Thi Kim Phuc
Phani Bhusan Choudhury
Phanishwar Nath Renu
Pharrell Williams
Phat Joe
Phayom Chulanont
Phebe Novakovic
Phedon Papamichael
Phelan Beale Jr.
Phelekezela Mphoko
Phey Yew Kok
Phil Angelides
Phil Austin
Phil Barnhart
Phil Berg (talent agent)
Phil Blackmar
Phil Boyle
Phil Bronstein
Phil Brown (actor)
Phil Bruns
Phil Buckman
Phil Burgan
Phil C. Neal
Phil Cavanagh
Phil Cayzer
Phil Chang
Phil Cohen (cultural theorist)
Phil Collins
Phil Collins (politician)
Phil Cooke
Phil Cousineau
Phil Crane
Phil Davis (actor)
Phil de Glanville
Phil DiStefano
Phil Donahue
Phil Dyer
Phil Easton
Phil Elverum
Phil English
Phil Exelby
Phil Farrand
Phil Fondacaro
Phil Ford (comedian)
Phil Freelon
Phil Gaglardi
Phil Gersh
Phil Godman
Phil Goff
Phil Graham
Phil Hale
Phil Hare
Phil Harris
Phil Harris (fisherman)
Phil Hartman
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey (manager)
Phil Hay (screenwriter)
Phil Heemstra
Phil Hogan
Phil Hope
Phil Howard (chef)
Phil Hoy (politician)
Phil Kerslake
Phil Lane Jr.
Phil Lollar
Phil McColeman
Phil McGraw
Phil Mickelson
Phil Miller (politician)
Phil Morris (actor)
Phil Murphy
Phil P. Leventis
Phil Palmesano
Phil Pflum
Phil Preis
Phil Prendergast
Phil Regan (actor)
Phil Richardson
Phil Riesen
Phil Robertson
Phil Rockefeller
Phil Sawford
Phil Schiller
Phil Scott
Phil Seuling
Phil Silvers
Phil Sokolof
Phil Spector
Phil Spencer (television personality)
Phil Stephenson (politician)
Phil Ting
Phil Town
Phil Vassar
Phil Vickery (chef)
Phil Vincent
Phil Vischer
Phil Waugh
Phil Weiser
Phil Williams (Alabama senator)
Phil Woolas
Philéas Côté
Philip A. Brimmer
Philip A. Glotzbach
Philip A. Haigh
Philip Abbott
Philip Agee
Philip Agustin
Philip Aiken
Philip Alan Smith
Philip Anschutz
Philip Au
Philip B. Crosby
Philip Baker Hall
Philip Barton
Philip Baruth
Philip Bond (actor)
Philip Bonsal
Philip Booth (economist)
Philip Bosco
Philip Bourne
Philip Bretherton
Philip Brodie, Lord Brodie
Philip Bulcock
Philip Burton Jr.
Philip C. Habib
Philip Campbell (scientist)
Philip Capelle
Philip Carey
Philip Carlo
Philip Caves
Philip Cezar
Philip Charles MacKenzie
Philip Clarke (businessman)
Philip Collins (journalist)
Philip Coolidge
Philip Coppens (author)
Philip Craven
Philip Crowley (businessman)
Philip Davies
Philip Davis (Bahamian politician)
Philip Day (businessman)
Philip DeFranco
Philip Dimitrov
Philip Dorn
Philip Down
Philip Dunne (Ludlow MP)
Philip E. High
Philip Effiong
Philip F. Gura
Philip Flood
Philip Freier
Philip Gefter
Philip Geier
Philip Gips
Philip Glenister
Philip Goodhart
Philip Green
Philip Guthrie Hoffman
Philip H. Iselin
Philip H. Lewis Jr.
Philip H. Lilienthal
Philip Haddon-Cave
Philip Hammond
Philip Hanawalt
Philip Hayton
Philip Hesketh
Philip Hinchcliffe
Philip Hollobone
Philip J. Clark
Philip J. Currie
Philip J. Purcell
Philip J. Rock
Philip Jackson (actor)
Philip Jamison
Philip Jansen
Philip K. Crowe
Philip K. Dick
Philip Kan Gotanda
Philip Kaufman
Philip Kelly (Canadian politician)
Philip Keung
Philip Kirsh
Philip Knights, Baron Knights
Philip L. Boyd
Philip L. Milstein
Philip L. Townes
Philip Levine (poet)
Philip Liner
Philip M. Duncan II
Philip Madoc
Philip May
Philip McNairy
Philip Metres
Philip Michael Thomas
Philip Moore, Baron Moore of Wolvercote
Philip Moran
Philip Morrison
Philip Mounstephen
Philip Niarchos
Philip Ober
Philip Opas
Philip Oppenheimer
Philip P. Mason
Philip Payton
Philip Perkins
Philip Perlman (actor)
Philip Perry
Philip Powers
Philip Proctor
Philip Quast
Philip Quirk
Philip Ray Martinez
Philip Rea, 2nd Baron Rea

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