Marriages of Notable People

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Robert Morse
Robert Mosbacher
Robert Mueller
Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugge
Robert Mulligan
Robert Mundheim
Robert Munic
Robert Murray (artist)
Robert N. Bellah
Robert N. Burr
Robert N. Cavarra
Robert N. Fried
Robert N. Thompson
Robert N. Zagone
Robert Ndrenika
Robert Nederlander
Robert Negoiță
Robert Newton
Robert Ng
Robert Nii Arday Clegg
Robert Nixon (filmmaker)
Robert Nodar Jr.
Robert Noel (businessman)
Robert Noyce
Robert Nutting (politician)
Robert Nyce
Robert O. Becker
Robert O. Blake
Robert O. Lowery
Robert O. Marshall
Robert O. Miller
Robert Oelman
Robert Okun
Robert Orlando
Robert Osborn (satirist)
Robert P. Atkinson
Robert P. Briggs
Robert P. Griffin
Robert P. Knight
Robert Paige
Robert ParkeHarrison
Robert Parrish
Robert Parry (journalist)
Robert Passantino
Robert Paterson (bishop)
Robert Patrick
Robert Peernock
Robert Peliza
Robert Perron
Robert Phillips (poet)
Robert Picardo
Robert Pierce
Robert Pine
Robert Pinsky
Robert Pirosh
Robert Pittenger
Robert Pittman (media executive)
Robert Plant
Robert Powell
Robert Powell (composer)
Robert Poydasheff
Robert Prehoda
Robert Prentiss Daniel
Robert Presnell Jr.
Robert Preston (actor)
Robert Pritzker
Robert Prosky
Robert Q. Marston
Robert Quackenbush
Robert R. Barry
Robert R. Brown (bishop)
Robert R. Shahan
Robert R. Spears Jr.
Robert R. Weber
Róbert Rácz
Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Rector (artist)
Robert Redbird
Robert Redford
Robert Reed
Robert Reed, Baron Reed of Allermuir
Robert Reich
Robert Reichert
Robert Reilly (politician)
Róbert Répássy
Robert Rey (plastic surgeon)
Robert Rinder
Robert Rita
Robert Roberts (writer)
Robert Robinson (broadcaster)
Robert Rock
Robert Rockwell
Robert Rodale
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rogers, Baron Lisvane
Robert Roripaugh
Robert Ross (entrepreneur)
Robert Ross (Missouri politician)
Robert Rowland
Robert Rowling
Robert Rozhdestvensky
Robert Ruark
Robert Rubin
Robert Runcie
Robert Rusler
Robert Ryan
Robert S. Allen
Robert S. Baker
Robert S. Burruss Jr.
Robert S. Denig
Robert S. Desowitz
Robert S. Ellwood
Robert S. Kerr (bishop)
Robert S. Molaro
Robert S. Moore Jr.
Robert S. Olpin
Robert S. Stevens (judge)
Robert S. Taubman
Robert S. Wiesenthal
Robert S. Woods
Robert Sables
Robert Sacchi
Robert Sainsbury
Robert Sam Anson
Robert Sampson (actor)
Robert Samuel Blay
Robert Sanborn
Robert Sarnoff
Robert Sarver
Robert Satiacum Jr.
Robert Satloff
Robert Schmertz
Robert Schmieder
Robert Schoenhof Weil
Robert Schriesheim
Robert Schuller
Robert Schwarten
Robert Schwartzman
Robert Scott (businessman, born 1946)
Robert Sean Leonard
Robert Sears (physician)
Robert Senelle
Robert Shapiro (lawyer)
Robert Shaw (actor)
Robert Shaye
Robert Shayne
Robert Sheldon, Baron Sheldon
Robert Shepherd
Robert Sherbrooke
Robert Sherwood Dillon
Robert Sidney Maxwell
Robert Simonds
Robert Six
Robert Skirving
Robert Skotheim
Robert Sledge
Robert Slutzky
Robert Smigel
Robert Smith, Baron Smith of Kelvin
Robert Smullen
Robert Sobukwe
Robert Sopuck
Robert Soto
Robert Southey (businessman)
Robert Speck (politician)
Robert Sprague
Robert Springett
Robert Sproull
Robert St. John
Robert Stanbury
Robert Stanfield
Robert Stephen Ford
Robert Stephens
Robert Sterling
Robert Stevenson (filmmaker)
Robert Stiff
Robert Stone (scientist)
Robert Strauss (actor)
Robert Strausz-Hupé
Robert Streb
Robert Surtees (cinematographer)
Robert Symonds
Robert Syms
Robert Szczepański
Robert T. Bennett
Robert T. McCowan
Robert T. Monagan
Robert T. Oliver
Robert T. Wagner
Robert Taft Jr.
Robert Talton
Robert Tapert
Robert Taylor (American actor)
Robert Tchenguiz
Robert Tharp
Robert Thibault
Robert Thieme
Robert Thomson (executive)
Robert Thurman
Robert Thurston
Robert Tiernan
Robert Tilton
Robert Timberg
Robert Tinkler
Robert Tishman
Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
Robert Tombs
Robert Tools
Robert Torti
Robert Towne
Robert Townsend (actor)
Robert Trent Jones
Robert Trimbole
Robert Triptow
Robert Truax
Robert True Donnelly
Robert Trump
Robert Tudor
Robert Uhrig
Robert Urich
Robert Urquhart (actor)
Robert V. Keeley
Robert V. Rice
Robert V. Welch
Robert Vadra
Robert Vallée
Robert van Gulik
Robert van Scoyk
Robert Varley
Robert Vaughn
Robert Venturi
Robert Vesco
Robert von Mehren
Robert W. Allard
Robert W. Ball
Robert W. Bennett
Robert W. Clifford
Robert W. Curran
Robert W. Estill
Robert W. Forden
Robert W. Fuller
Robert W. Haack
Robert W. Hayes Jr.
Robert W. Hemphill
Robert W. Higgs
Robert W. Ihloff
Robert W. Kenny
Robert W. Levering
Robert W. Mackenzie
Robert W. McChesney
Robert W. Morgan
Robert W. Page
Robert W. Warren
Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner Dowling
Robert Wahlberg
Robert Walker (actor, born 1918)
Robert Walker (actor, born 1940)
Robert Walmsley (anatomist)
Robert Walter (politician)
Robert Warren Miller
Robert Watson Pomeroy
Robert Watt
Robert Webb
Robert Weinstock
Robert Weld Mitchell
Robert White (sculptor)
Robert White (Washington, D.C. politician)
Robert Więckiewicz
Robert Wiedmaier
Robert Wilcox (actor)
Robert Wilder
Robert Wilkie
Robert William Fisher
Robert Williams (English chemist)
Robert Wilton Bass
Robert Wirch
Robert Wise
Robert Wittke
Robert Wolders
Robert Wolfe
Robert Wood Johnson III
Robert Woodrow Wilson
Robert Wright (journalist)
Robert Wringham
Robert Wuhl
Robert Wuthnow
Robert Wyse Jackson
Robert X. Cringely
Robert Y. Thornton
Robert Yates (NASCAR owner)
Robert Young (actor)
Robert Zemeckis
Robert Zollitsch (composer)
Róbert Zsigó
Robert Zubrin
Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este
Roberta Collins
Roberta Cowell

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